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Social Commitment

We care – this motto does not only refer to the high quality of our products and services. Our quality claim starts a bit earlier: a healthy work environment, highly motivated employees and professional junior staff development are indispensable prerequisites for a strong team in a company focusing on the future.

Flexible working hours and part-time models have been part of our work routine for quite some time. Beyond this, Schwarzer Precision has met the strict requirements for certification as family-friendly company. We also care about the health of our employees: this includes free immunologic exams, cancer prevention, professionally coached jogging training after work, and more.

Focus on the future–this also means specific junior staff development. We function therefore as apprenticeship operation for different white and blue-collar professions. We conduct a "Girl's Day / Your Future" and a "Machine Construction - Engineering Event" to demonstrate the diverse tasks and career opportunities at our high-tech company to interested young people. For our commitment we already received a reward from the German President.

We also promote social projects domestically and abroad: from university scholarships for young students to sponsoring youth sports teams at social trouble spots.

We consistently participate in the UNICEF initiative Donating instead of gifts dispensing with unnecessary promotional gifts. At the same time, we support the children's fund of the U.N. and maintain child sponsorships in Mali and Tanzania.

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