Active against climate change:
positive half-time results of ECOPROFIT®

In the current times, a future-proof set-up has become more important than ever. Within the framework of the ECOPROFIT® project, Schwarzer Precision has set out to operate responsibly in accordance with the UN's "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG). Already the interim balance is very positive.

The 11th ECOPROFIT® project has been running since February 2022. The goal is to operate according to the SDG framework of the United Nations and at the same time to save as much CO2 as possible in order to actively combat climate change.

The "Balance sheet of the first 240 days" shows: through the consistent implementation of concrete measures, CO2 emissions have already been significantly reduced. For example, the change of selected pump packaging can avoid about 80% of the amount of foam previously needed. In addition, there are a number of other measures, such as switching to energy-efficient LED lighting and motion detectors, adjusting the running times of ventilation systems and equipment, switching to electric mobility, using green electricity, using recycled consumables, actively involving all employees in the suggestion scheme, etc.

Until the end of the ECOPROFIT® project in early summer 2023, we will continue to work intensively on the implementation of climate-protecting measures. Our goal is to operate in a completely climate-neutral manner by 2030. This is to be achieved primarily through the responsible use of valuable resources and the climate-friendly conversion of processes. Only in the final stage do we rely on offsetting.