Manifold Mountings: perfect system integration through tubeless pump installation

Schwarzer Precision is the specialist for application-specific optimized miniature pumps. Our new “Manifold-Mountings” are the perfect solution to integrating our pumps without tubes and space-saving into your system. The advantages are obvious.

As small as our precision pumps may be, sometimes there is simply not enough space for conventional tubing. Here “Manifold Mountings” are the ideal solution: the direct, tubeless connection of our gas and liquid pumps to your system block. This enables a highly integrated structure of the entire system, including all control technology, valves, sensors, etc.

This individually configurable mounting system not only saves space, but also offers other significant advantages. By consistently dispensing with tubing and hose olives, the number of necessary seals is reduced. At the same time, the conveying medium has less contact with foreign materials. This increases both the tightness of the overall system and the freedom from falsification of your measurements. Additional bonus: a tidy installation space makes maintenance work on the entire system easier and more cost-effective.

The Manifold Mountings can be adapted exactly to your requirements - just like our miniature pumps. We offer you individual solutions: from nozzle sealing with integrated O-rings to nozzleless connection with flat gaskets and rubber manifolds that can completely dispense with gaskets.

Why compromise then? Just contact us! We develop the perfect solution for you for the highly integrated system incorporation of our pumps. Cost-efficient, quick and reliable. We care.