570 EC: new standards through technological innovations

Based on the successful model series EC 500 the SP 570 EC became a pump expanded by two innovative technologies. First, the delivery channels in the pump head were revised and their flow properties optimized. This has become possible through Schwarzer Precision’s innovative NT technology (No Turbulence Technology). Secondly, the new IBE active balancing system (Individually Balanced Eccentric) provides the pump with amazingly quiet running characteristics.

Compared with conventional diaphragm pumps, the SP 570 EC optimally utilizes the installation volume. It delivers maximum pump output even in the smallest available space. The economically priced modular system makes individual modifications toward the perfect customized pump possible and desirable without problems.

For example, different valves and diaphragm geometries can be employed to achieve high flow rates, pressures or vacuums. Motors of different manufacturers – from the low-cost to the high-end brushless motor – can be integrated. In addition, components in contact with the flow media can be PTFE-coated (Teflon) at little extra cost to further enhance corrosion resistance.

The life of the new miniature pumps is increased by a two-bearing drive shaft and withstands also high pneumatic pressures. Mounting holes at the three sides of the pump permit installation in any position desired.

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