Mobile gas analysis in laboratory quality: Dräger relies on miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision

With the "X-Act 7000", Dräger is launching an innovative high-end measuring device for mobile gas analysis. In search of a precisely adjustable pump for their new analysis system, Dräger turned to the specialists at Schwarzer Precision. Our SP 110 EC-DB miniature pump meets the complex customer requirements and reliably ensures precise measurement results.

The concentration of hazardous substances in the ambient air of workplaces must not exceed the specified limits. The Dräger X-act® 7000 is a highly integrated, opto-electronic analyser that enables selective gas measurements in the lower ppb range (ppb = "parts per billion" = 1 billionth concentration). This allows toxic and carcinogenic substances to be measured directly on site - quickly, easily and with highly accurate results in laboratory quality.

The explosion-protected hand-held device (certified according to ATEX/IECEx Zone 0) does not have to be calibrated manually before use, but is immediately ready to start after an automatic self-test. It works with measuring tubes whose RFID chips already contain all calibration data. Thus, the measurement results remain unaffected by temperature and humidity influences as well as by air pressure fluctuations.
Working inside this hand-held device is our miniature vacuum pump SP 110 EC-DB. It draws the sample gas through a measuring tube which changes colour when it comes into contact with a specific pollutant. The discolouration is evaluated opto-electronically which results in a highly accurate measurement.

This application places complex demands on the precise controllability of the pump used. There are different measuring tubes for the analysis of the different hazardous substances. Thus, the pump must work at many different working points, all of which have precisely defined parameters with particularly narrow tolerances. Strict adherence to the specified flow and vacuum values is absolutely necessary for achieving an exact measurement result. At the same time, the pump must meet the high Ex-Protection requirements of zone 0. The small installation space of the battery-powered measuring device requires an extremely compact pump with particularly low power consumption.

In close cooperation with Dräger, we accompanied the entire development phase of the X-act® 7000. We provided special modifications of our SP 100 EC and 110 EC-DB miniature pumps for the various tests until all requirements were met to the full satisfaction of our customer. Our pumps in this innovative high-end application provide reliable workplace safety.

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Mobile gas analysis in laboratory quality: our SP 110 EC-DB diaphragm pump ensures precise measurement results in the Dräger X-Act 7000. (Image source: Dräger, Germany)