Absolutely advanced water analysis

"C.L.A.M."® breaks records in water analysis: the small sampling device is able to detect the most minute pollutant traces up to one hundred times more accurately than conventional systems. A miniature fluid pump from Schwarzer Precision ensures highly accurate metering of the test medium.

Common water analyses use samples with a volume of one liter. "C.L.A.M." (Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring) works differently: the floating sampling system presses the test medium with low volume flow rate (5 - 60 ml/min) through an extraction filter. The pollutants from a total of 100 liters of water are thereby added up over a period of 48 hours.

Measuring only 12.5 cm in diameter and weighing less than 500 grams "C.L.A.M." is not only used in lakes and rivers but also in urban drinking water systems, wells or rain water reservoirs. The submersible system is able to take samples both at the surface of the water and in depths down to 30 meters.

The high-precision fluid diaphragm SP 270 EC-DB-L operates inside the small polycarbonate sphere. Thanks to its low current consumption, the use of a particularly small Li-Ion battery is possible. With its ball-bearing supported motor drive and exact control features, the pump ensures precise flow control. The impressive result: "C.L.A.M." reduces the pollutant detection limit in the lab by a factor of 100!

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