No compromises: Customizing by Schwarzer Precision

Schwarzer Precision is known for outstanding consulting quality and custom solutions. Customizing is of utmost importance to us: we develop micro pumps were all parameters will be adapted exactly to your application. At the Medica Compamed 2014 we will present this year’s new development in the area of gas and fluid delivery.

Rotary vane pumps were so far accompanied by the drawback, due to its function principle, that abrasions were caused in rotor and stator by the movement of the vane. Thanks to new material pairing and highly efficient production processes we were able to nearly eliminate these abrasions. At the same time, the life of our vane pumps was increased by another 30 %.

Especially in portable gas analyzers, the new vane pumps of the FZ series are clearly superior to diaphragm pumps: Thanks to their pulsation-free gas delivery they work excellently in combination with sensitive measuring sensors. Additional advantages are its quiet and nearly vibration-free running, the very low current consumption, excellent controllability with linear characteristic as well as the extremely compact external dimensions.

Beyond this, we offer you a complete product range of miniaturized eccenter and rotary diaphragm pumps for gases, fluids and condensates. From the standard to the complex special application, from medical technology to environmental monitoring: We develop the ideal pump for you. Manufactured according to your specifications, exactly matched to your application. Uncompromising and reliable.

Visit us from 12 to 14 November at the Medica Compamed in Düsseldorf, Hall 8A, Booth M 09. We look forward to meeting you there.

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