Schwarzer Precision joins the Bürkert Group

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, the worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring and control systems for fluids and gases, and Schwarzer Precision have joined forces since 01 July 2015. The high degree of common ground, such as customer orientation, striving for perfection and a nearly identical value system, led us to the decision to join the Bürkert Group.

Nothing suggests itself more than complementing the valve, sensor and control technology from Bürkert with miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision. Our know-how and experience of many years in pump technology, combined with the business activities from Bürkert, lets the goal of becoming the worldwide leading contact for integrated system solutions in the sector of fluid technology come within closer reach.

The history of the Bürkert enterprise started in the year 1946. The company's founder, Christian Bürkert, wanted to develop and manufacture innovative products for the elementary needs of the period back then. Mr. Bürkert's focus on customer preferences was always assured. Over the years, Bürkert has developed into a high-tech company with 36 own offices worldwide, a workforce of over 2500 – approximately 1400 employees alone in Germany – and consolidates sales of 413 million Euro.

Having been 100% family-owned since its foundation, the successors of Mr. Christian Bürkert are keen to continuing the leadership of the company according to his ideas. The value scale of Bürkert – just as ours – is lead by social and ecological concerns, in addition to innovative products and top quality.

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