SP 570 EC-L: The customized problem solution

The fluid pumps of the 570 EC-L model series represent a completely new development. With a free flow of 260 to 380 ml/min and a max. pressure of 10 m water column they add even more detail to our product offering seamlessly complementing the performance range between the proven model series 500 EC-L and 600 EC-L.

Thanks to their modular design these fluid pumps can adapt exactly to your specific application. To this end, for example, different motor types, variable Shore hardnesses of the valves, different diaphragm materials, etc. are available. The result is a perfect adaptation with nearly linear control characteristics in the predefined working range.

The self-suctioning eccentric pumps (8.0 m suction head) stand out by small dimensions and low weight at high performance. High-quality components and an extremely rugged design guarantee a very long service life. Optional equipment with chemical-resistant materials make these pumps withstand even extreme requirements.

Last not least, the diverse mounting options allow easy installation in a variety of environments. Thus, the SP 570 EC-L becomes the customized problem solver – for your application as well.

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