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Our Customers (excerpt in alphabetic order)

Precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed, among others, by the following companies:


Arid Bilge: Hydraulics / Drainage / Bilge pumps

Arid Bilge produces fully automated drainage systems for yachts and ships. Water taken in collects in the bilge (lowest area of the ship's hull). A fluid pump with combined pressure / vacuum operation from Schwarzer Precision is used for drainage. The residual water is first suctioned into a collecting tank which is then ejected with pressure. This keeps the ship's interior 100% dry.



B. Braun: Medical technology

B. Braun uses micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in various medical devices. The specific application is subject to confidentiality.



BHT: Hygiene technology / disinfection

BHT develops cleaning and disinfection devices for medical instruments. When cleaning flexible endoscopes, their outer sheath is inspected for leaks at the same time. BHT uses our eccentric pumps of model series 600 for this purpose: They inflate the protective sheath of the endoscope several times during disinfection. Possible pressure drop indicates a leak.



Bürkert: Fluid measuring and control technology

Bürkert develops fluid control systems for a variety of purposes: from medical technology to the foodstuffs industry and on to laboratory applications. Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used, for example, in mixing and metering systems of liquid plant fertilizer. The pumps suction fertilizer from different storage tanks and deliver it to mixing valves. The valves meter the required amount of fertilizer and dilute this mixture with water to a value preselected by the user.



CigarSpa: Climate-control / cigar humidifiers

"A good cigar is always a good cigar" – provided it is perfectly stored. A bit too damp and the cigar becomes moldy. Slightly too dry and the wrapper tears. The core of the portable CigarSpa humidification system is a SP miniature pump precisely metering smallest amounts of distilled water. The pump runs for 2 years without battery change.



Cooper Tools: Industry technology / SMD assembly

Cooper is a branch company of EATON, the market leader for power management solutions. Micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed in Cooper automatic assembly machines. A suction cup picks up the tiny SMD components and places / fixes them on the printed circuit board exact to the millimeter. The SMDs are automatically soldered there.



Cosmed: Medical technology / mobile breathing gas analysis

The Italian medical devices manufacturer Cosmed uses the SP 250 EC for breathing gas analysis. The miniature pump must deliver exactly 150 ml breathing gas per minute to the highly sensitive sensor–with a maximum delivery tolerance of 2% in any operating position. Absolute tightness, long service life and minimum power consumption were additional requirements for use in these high-tech devices.



Dräger: Medical and safety technology / gas analysis

Whether in the high-tech operating theater or the mine 4,000 m below the surface: the stationary and portable gas analysis devices from Dräger always ensure maximum safety. Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed in the measuring devices and gas warning systems to suck in the sampling gas and forward it to the measuring sensors.



Elcore: HVAC

Elcore uses micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in various climate-control devices. The specific application is subject to confidentiality.



Envitec: Breathing gas sensors and monitors

Envitec uses micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in various medical devices. The concrete application is subject to confidentiality.



Hatel: Gas monitoring / gas processing technology

For gas flow measuring in the process gas a pump from Schwarzer Precision continuously sucks in the gas mixture from the production process and transports it to the gas monitoring unit. Twelve sensors allocated to the different types of gas analyze the mixture. To compensate for the different lengths of gas supply paths the pump is electronically adjusted according to the flow rate.



Headhunter: Fluid level monitors / level measurement

Headhunter Inc manufactures monitors to monitor the actual fluid levels in water, waste water and gasoline tanks. A vertical tube is located inside the tank which is blown through with an electrical miniature air pump. The pump stops as soon as the tube is empty. The fluid can now rise again. A sensor measures the hydrostatic weight of this defined fluid column and indicates the value determined on a graphical display.



Hertig: Beverage dispensing systems

Hertig Co. manufactures countertop hot devices for spiced wine, cider and punch. The pump sucks in ambient air via a sintered air filter and pressurizes the beverage tank. Through a riser pipe system the dispensed product is pressed up to the countertop dispenser and heated to 85 °C in continuous flow mode.



Hoppecke: Battery chargers / electrolyte circulation

To facilitate the rapid and careful charging of traction batteries for forklift trucks, tractors and locomotives, air is pumped into the battery during the charge process. The charge time and temperature drops, the energy efficiency and service life of the batteries increases. Hoppecke relies on our linear pumps SP 3300 / 3500 / 3800 LI with integrated pressure sensor (leak alarm). These types are predestined with high flow rate, maximum service life (3-shift operation) and low costs.



Industrial Scientific: Gas analysis / gas detectors

Industrial Scientific uses micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in various gas analysis devices. The concrete application is subject to confidentiality.



KBA-Metronic: Industrial inkjet printers

A diaphragm pump from Schwarzer Precision ensures extraction of the ink jet in the print head and the return of the ink to a collection container in the continuous inkjet printers from KBA Co. In addition, the pump automatically replenishes the ink reserve and required solvent.



Madur: Stationary & portable gas analysis

Madur Co. uses our diaphragm pump SP 620 EC in their portable gas analysis devices. The same pump type is used for stationary analysis but in this case with the brushless motor (SP 620 EC-BL) with especially long service life. A smaller pump (SP 550 EC) is used in these devices to flush the measuring circuit and to discharge the condensate generated.



Nanion: Medical technology / electrophysiology

Electrophysiology is a section of neurophysiology dealing with electrochemical signal transmission in nervous systems. Nanion Technologies GmbH has developed automated measuring platforms for the so-called "patch-clamp technique". Cells are sucked in for measuring in the low vacuum range (-50 to -200 mbar). The diaphragm pumps SP 500 EC, SP 550 EC and SP 670 EC are used in the control units. High reliability and very small design of our pumps were the decisive criteria for this choice.



NASA: Aviation and space technology / laboratory technology

The SP 200 EC-BL-L is used at the international space station ISS for humidification and aeration of cell cultures in the absence of gravity. Its brushless drive guarantees extremely long service life; because failure cannot be afforded in space. Maintenance-free reliability and especially the high-precision control features were the criteria of NASA opting for the precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision for space deployment.



Orbitalservice: Industrial engineering / orbital welding

The residual oxygen measuring device "PRO2 plus" measures the oxygen content in the inert gas with orbital welding. A high-precision zircon oxide sensor is used to achieve the extremely high measuring accuracy (0.5 ppm) which receives the measuring gas delivered by a micro pump with absolutely leaktight pump head.



Red Bull Racing: Formula 1 vehicle technology / engine control

Red Bull Racing uses micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in the engine control of their Formula 1 vehicles. The concrete application is subject to confidentiality.



Resmed: Medical technology / respirators

Home respirators are used by patients with major reduction of their own breathing capability due to disorders of the nervous system of the breathing muscles. Even two SP pumps are used in the home respirators of ResMed: the eccenter diaphragm pump SP 270 EC-BL and the vane pump SP 135 FZ. Extreme reliability is critical for survival here: The pumps ensure constant internal pressure to prevent the lung of the patient from collapsing.



RKI Instruments: Portable gas detectors / occupational safety

Safety first: RKI manufactures mobile gas detectors the size of a smartphone. A pump with extremely compact dimensions and minimum current consumption is required for this application. The integrated micro pump from Schwarzer Precision withdraws a gas sample from the monitored region and transports it to different gas sensors for analysis. The device triggers an alarm as soon as the concentration of the target gas exceeds a predefined value.



Rowenta: Consumer goods

Rowenta employs micro pumps from Schwarzer Precision in the consumer goods sector. The concrete application is subject to confidentiality.



Saxon: Vehicle technology / exhaust emission analysis

Saxon manufactures measuring devices for the exhaust emission check of motor vehicles (exhaust gas inspection). The pump in these devices must assume two separate tasks: a.) transporting the measuring gas through various assemblies and b.) draining off the condensate generated in the measuring circuit. Dual-head eccenter diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer Precision are therefore used in these devices.



Schütz Group: Sensor and control technology

Schütz uses pumps from Schwarzer Precision in a variety of devices and applications. The SP 620 EC-BL is used in wave / reflow soldering systems for the electronics industry to measure the oxygen concentration. The SP 100 SA-VD is used in gas analysis devices for the chemical industry (measuring the CO2 content). This pump type is also used in the medical breathing gas analysis devices from Schütz.



Selbach: Foodstuffs industry / beverage dispensers

Selbach uses our powerful eccenter pumps of series EC 700 in beer dispensing systems. The recyclable barrels (KEGs) are pressurized. The fresh beer reaches the dispensing point via a continuous flow cooler.



Sewerin: Gas detection devices / gas alarm units

Sewerin Co. manufactures high-quality portable gas measuring devices. A micro pump from Schwarzer Precision transports the measuring gas (e.g. from the soil or sewage shafts) to the sensors. The gas composition is analyzed there. The devices trigger an alarm if the gas concentration reaches the lower explosion threshold.



Spengler: Foodstuffs technology / tea vending machines

Spengler Co. employs special vacuum pumps from Schwarzer Precision in their professional beverage vending machines. The vacuum generated keeps the tea in the brewing cylinder and swirls it. At the same time, an SP air pump creates the visual impression that the tea would be boiling in the vending machine when dispensed.



Stratxx: Aerodynamics / Airships

The Swiss high-tech company STRATXX develops near-space airships serving as equipment carrier platforms, e.g. for telecommunication antennas or cameras in the stratosphere (up to 26 km elevation). Because the atmosphere at this elevation is extremely thin, the internal pressure of the fiberglass akirships must be continuously adjusted. The especially light-weight miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used for pressure compensation in the tail units.



Swarovski: Production technology / pick & place systems

Swarovski Co. uses vacuum tweezers for the manufacturing of crystal jewelery. Because these manually operated devices must be very light-weight, miniature vacuum pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed here. Even tiny and irregularly shaped crystals can be reliably grabbed and precisely placed.



Vaillant: Energy technology / control and regulating equipment

Our miniature pressure pumps are used in the gas heaters and hot water units from Vaillant. A small diaphragm is located inside the gas supply line which is pressurized. The diaphragm expands and reduces the cross-section of the line. This reduces the amount of gas supplied to the burner.



Volvo: Vehicle technology / exhaust emission cleaning

To meet the strict Swedish emission standards, miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are used to purify exhaust emission in Volvo city buses.



Weyer: Medical technology / thoracic drainage

Low-vacuum pumps of the type SP 302 SA-V are employed in the thoracic drainage system of Weyer Medizintechnik. They evacuate air and liquid from the pleural cavity (space between lung and pleura). At the same time they ensure that the physiologic vacuum in the pleural cavity is maintained. The battery or line-operated pumps convinced the manufacturer by their low-noise and low-vibration running properties, exact regulating capability and precise continuous suction.



Carl Zeiss AG: Optical devices / lasers

Carl Zeiss AG employs miniature fluid pumps from Schwarzer Precision to water-cool lasers.


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