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Precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision are distinguished by maximum reliability and high performance at smallest dimensions. Thanks to their modular design, all parameters of our products can be customized exactly to your requirements – without extra costs! Please contact us! We care.

EC-L eccenter diaphragm pumps EC-L diaphragm pumps for liquids and fluids

Eccenter Diaphragm Pumps: EC-L

Pressure: excellent
Suction head: excellent
Delivery volume: very good
Current consumption: very good
Vibration: very good
Chem. resistance: excellent


Properties: Excellent control characteristics, high leaktightness of the pump head, very good ratio of compact size to high performance, superb performance values, superb resistance against aggressive media.

Typical applications: Fluid analysis, medical technology, cooling, cleaning flushes

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RO-L Rotations-Membranpumpen RO-L Rotations-Membranpumpen

Rotary Diaphragm Pumps: RO-L

Pressure: good
Suction head: satisfactory
Delivery volume: satisfactory
Current consumption: good
Vibration: excellent
Chem. resistance: satisfactory


Properties: Very low pulsation, very wide efficiency, nearly linear delivery rate.

Typical applications: Medical technology, industrial engineering, laboratory and analysis technology, cooling, cleaning flushes

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