RO Design Type Program significantly expanded

To manufacture the worldwide best miniature pumps for medicine, analysis and laboratory technology - this is the quality claim of Schwarzer Precision. Based on this aspect, our rotation diaphragm pumps (RO design type) have been subjected to a stringent revision during the past months. The new RO generation offers a greater type variety than ever before – with their performance improved even more.

Rotation diaphragm pumps (or rolling pumps) are marked by especially low-pulsation delivery. Contrary to eccentric diaphragm pumps rotation pumps are equipped with several small diaphragms actuated sequentially. Thus a very continuous volume flow, nearly linear pressure characteristic curve and running characteristics almost free from pulsation and vibration are achieved.

The SP 30 RO rotation pump is now also available as vacuum pump. The type SP 30 RO-V generates a vacuum of 640 mbar at a free flow of 3.7 l/min. Dimensions and weight are identical with the pressure version SP 30 RO-DV.

The modular types SP 16 RO-DV and SP 18 RO-D are now available in additional motorization versions. Our customers can choose between particularly compact dimensions (short motor) or especially low current consumption (longer motor). The direction of the hose connection necks is also freely configurable.

The SP 27 RO-D rotation pumps have received optimized diaphragms and higher quality bearings. Thus they now reach pressures up to 1000 mbar. The performance of the also available vacuum version SP 27 RO-VD could be increased to -600 mbar.

Schwarzer Precision therefore now offers the worldwide largest product range of maximum quality miniature rotation pumps.

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