600 EC-L: Fluid pumps with new valve and diaphragm technology

Our reliable fluid diaphragm pumps of the 600-L series prove themselves every day in demanding applications in medical and analytical technology. No matter how complex your requirements: we build the exactly fitting fluid pump for you! To this end, we have expanded our modular system with new valve and diaphragm technologies.

The reliable delivery of problematic media places high demands on the components of a fluid pump. The diaphragms must seal the pump chamber securely and should not become contaminated. Even when the pump is switched off, the valves must exhibit high non-return leakproofness and must not show any tendency to “stick” even at low volume flow rates.

All these objectives are met by our new valve technology with preloaded and connected valves. The trochoidal suspension causes minimum torsional movement of the valve during the stroke process. This minimizes sticking effects. The fixed connection enables precisely controlled valve movement and reliable closing even at low volume flow rates. Positive accompanying effect: with our new valve technology, even higher suction heights can be achieved.

The diaphragms of the 600 series liquid pumps are now available with a new connecting rod links. The diaphragms are no longer screwed down from above, but attached from below. In this way we achieve a completely closed membrane surface. This reduces both the susceptibility of the diaphragm to contamination and the number of components required. And here, too, the positive accompanying effect of an increase in performance is apparent.

All fluid pumps can be adapted exactly to your specifications and requirements. Our complete modular system allows a large variety of possible combinations. Your advantage: You receive the uncompromisingly suitable pump in the shortest time - without additional development costs!