Schwarzer Precision

Our values

We care.
This commitment is not just to our customers.

As a manufacturing company and as an employer, we take our responsibility for the climate, for society and the well-being of our employees very seriously.

We are constantly striving to effect positive change and create a sustainable and socially responsible future that is worth living.
For all of us.


Sustainability & climate protection

Sustainability is an important driver for us – from the first production step to the finished product: many of our pumps contribute to active climate protection, for example in exhaust gas monitoring systems or battery chargers.  

Our electricity for production comes from 100% renewable energy sources from Greenpeace Energy.

In addition, we make voluntary CO2 offsetting contributions for our business trips and offer our employees charging facilities for private electric vehicles as well as the option of leasing e-bikes and bicycles with tax-deductable benefits.

Our goal is to be completely climate neutral by 2030.



A healthy working environment

We take responsibility for the health and well-being of our employees. As a "family-friendly company", we offer flexitime, a wide variety of part-time options, and the chance to work remotely.

Our HR department sees itself as a service point for the entire team: as well as always being there to listen, we also offer our staff various preventive health care measures, such as free immunological examinations, cancer screening and sports activities.




Responsibility for the next generation

For Schwarzer Precision, sustainability also means ensuring the long-term success of the company.

This is why we provide on-the-job vocational training to shape and nurture the next generation.

We also provide various opportunities for young people to get a taste of our company, through internships and student jobs or activities aimed at secondary school pupils, such as “Girl’s Day” or “Mechanical Engineering Day”.

We aim to arouse curiosity and interest in technology and to demonstrate the power and thrill of innovation and technological developments. We were honoured by the German Federal President for this commitment.




Social commitment

As a former family-run business, we feel a strong connection with the region we operate in and support various local projects.

For example, we are a member of the Zollverein e.V. foundation, which protects the industrial heritage of the Ruhr valley and we support the Kinderschutzhaus Essen (a children’s refuge centre in Essen) and the intercultural child and youth welfare organisation PlanB Ruhr e.V..

We also support projects outside of our region, among other things as sponsors of the WWF Germany and by sponsoring children in Mali and Tanzania.

In addition, we consistently forego unnecessary promotional gifts and instead participate in the UNICEF charity campaign “donations instead of gifts”.