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Expertise through experience

Founded in 1970 by Jürgen Schwarzer and based in Essen in Germany, we at Schwarzer Precision develop and produce precise and robust miniature pumps for demanding and highly sophisticated applications.

In 2015, we joined the Bürkert group of companies, which is based in Ingelfingen in Germany. When it comes to developing systems, we benefit greatly from this close technical cooperation.


Nevertheless, we still retain the ethos of a family business, which allows us to continue to act swiftly and flexibly in our markets.

From niche applications to large-scale production – you will find our products in equipment from many well-known manufacturers of medical, analytical, laboratory and safety technology as well as in many other particularly challenging industrial applications.


We listen very carefully to your needs, then together we analyse the task

To ensure that you receive the perfect high-quality pump solution for your application, we support and accompany you from the initial planning phase through to smooth delivery in series production.

Backed up by over 50 years company experience, you can fully rely on our sales, R&D and quality assurance teams who have their finger on the pulse of state-of-the-art developments and are constantly updating their knowledge and skills.




We specialise in precisely adapting our products to your needs

Because no matter how wide our range of standard products is, many applications need more than off-the-shelf solutions.

Thanks to our extensive product range and well thought-out modular system we can offer maximum product flexibility.

We can guarantee customised solutions at the price level of a standard product in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the pump technology itself, highly efficient drives are available in all common operating voltages that are designed for long or short service lives, depending on your requirements.

That is why, the product that we develop individually for you then fulfils the exact performance parameters that your application requires (flow, pressure, vacuum, a specific operating point and much more).




That’s what customising means at Schwarzer Precision – because we care.

"Miniature pumps and their diverse use in challenging applications still fascinate me, today as much as they did 30 years ago.
With Schwarzer Precision, I now have the privilege of leading a company where every employee lives the fulfilment of our customers’ requirements every day – and does so with pleasure. And that is exactly what I always strive to do."

Stephan Wentker

Stephan Wentker has been Managing Director at Schwarzer Precision since July 2019. Since graduating as a mechanical engineer he has had 30 years experience in the field of diaphragm pumps, originally working from the ground up as a technical designer with a manufacturer of miniature pumps.