We care about efficiency.

Our miniature pumps in industrial equipment


All around the world, manufacturers in a wide variety of industrial sectors rely on miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision.

Our pumps are reliable and precise in inkjet printers, professional coffee machines, automotive exhaust gas measuring devices, forklift chargers and many other applications.

By creating the perfect balance between dimensions, materials and motors, we provide pump solutions that have optimum vacuum, pressure, flow and pulsation characteristics.

We match all of the pump parameters with your exact requirements until we have the perfect solution for your application.

Application Story

Pick & Place: our precision pumps for reliable production processes

Picking up, positioning and depositing components, in short “pick & place”, is a process that takes place in almost every manufacturing company. For humans, this kind of incessantly repetitive activity can quickly become monotonous and tiring.

This is why, companies today are increasingly relying on robots with vacuum pumps for pick & place processes in order to ensure products are manufactured reliably and economically, as robots work with consistent precision 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pick & place robots use suction cups to “pick up” the goods to be transported and then place them in the right position – for example, electronic circuit boards, which are installed in almost every electrical appliance.

Thanks to their high pneumatic performance in the smallest of spaces, miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision make sure that the transported components are held securely even at fast acceleration speeds and when there is a risk of leakages on the component surfaces.

The small dimensions and low weight of our miniature pumps ensure high speed and accurate positioning even when housed decentrally in the robot arm.

Our SP 100 EC-DU eccentric diaphragm pump in a robot for transporting parts.


Schwarzer Precision miniature pumps are successfully used in the following industrial applications, among others:

  • A/C technology
  • Air-conditioning
  • Baking oven cleaning
  • Beverage backpacks
  • Beverage vending machines
  • Cigar humidifiers
  • Coffee machines
  • Combustion gas analyser
  • Condensate transport
  • Continuous flow coolers
  • Dispensing systems
  • Electrolyte circulation
  • Exhaust gas controls
  • Exhaust measurement
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Fluid and liquid delivery
  • Fragrance devices
  • Fuel cells
  • Gas monitoring / gas flow measurement in process gas
  • Gas regulation
  • Handling robots in automated production processes
  • Industrial lasers
  • Inkjet printer
  • Leak detection of vehicle batteries
  • Level adjustment of machine tools (inflatable bases)
  • Measuring tables
  • Pick-and-Place systems
  • Pressure monitoring and regulation
  • Printer
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Residual oxygen measurement (e.g. with TIG welding processes)
  • SMD automatic assembly machines
  • Vacuum and pressure supply
  • Vacuum grippers / vacuum tweezers
  • Vacuum tables for CNC production
  • Wave soldering systems / reflow soldering systems (oxygen analysis)