We care about reliability.

Our miniature pumps
in safety equipment


Our miniature pumps are used worldwide to protect people and the environment –
from portable personal protection equipment to stationary toxicological analysis units.

Thanks to their reliable, maintenance-free functionality and long service life they offer a particularly high level of operational safety.

This means that our customers are able to achieve their safety targets with a pump solution that is individually adapted to their requirements in all performance parameters.

Furthermore, we fully test and document the essential performance parameters for each individual application during production.


Application Story

For extra safety: our SP 550 EC pump in a handheld combination measurement instrument for detecting and quantifying leaks in natural gas networks by Sewerin

The reliability of their pipeline networks is very important for gas utility companies at all times.

Today, this problem is solved with highly sensitive combination measurement instruments that can locate leaks quickly and precisely.  

Our customer Sewerin, from Gütersloh in Germany, is the technology market leader for gas detection devices with a long company history spanning almost 100 years.

For a portable combination measurement instrument, which has to detect the slightest traces of natural gas in the ambient air using a sensor, we were asked to develop and produce a pump that allows a defined, continuous stream of ambient air to flow over the sensor.

One essential requirement was that the air flow had to be maintained precisely with a high degree of accuracy within a narrowly defined band of tolerance.

Furthermore, our solution had to meet explosion-prevention requirements as well as being highly energy efficient with a long battery life.

© Sewerin

SP 550 EC eccentric diaphragm pump in a highly sensitive combination measurement instrument from Sewerin for precisely gauging gas concentration.


Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are successfully used in the following safety equipment applications, among others:

  • Emissions measurements
  • Explosives detectors
  • Gas chromatography
  • Gas detecting devices
  • Gas detectors
  • Leak detectors
  • Level measuring devices
  • Mobile gas analysers
  • Particle counter
  • Personal protection devices
  • Radon monitoring
  • Stationary gas analyser
  • Workplace monitoring / occupational safety