Customized pump for gas measurements:
SP 550 EC in the Sewerin measuring device for localizing leaks

The reliability of their pipeline networks is very important for gas utility companies at all times. Today, this problem is solved with highly sensitive combination measurement instruments that can locate leaks quickly and precisely.

Our customer Sewerin from Gütersloh (Germany) is the technology market leader for measuring devices for gas leak detection. With five European subsidiaries, the company looks back on a 100-year history.

We developed a special pump solution for a mobile combination measuring device for localising leaks. The sensor technology of the Sewerin measuring device must detect the slightest traces of natural gas in the ambient air. To do this, the built-in pump delivers a continuous, clearly defined flow of air from the environment via a highly sensitive gas sensor.

The most important prerequisite for precise measurement is a particularly high accuracy of the flow within a narrowly defined tolerance band. In addition, the pump must meet strict explosion protection requirements. Long battery runtimes are achieved thanks to the pump's high energy efficiency.

In close cooperation with Sewerin's development department, our engineers developed an individualised solution within a very short time. The eccentric diaphragm pump SP 550 EC was specially adapted to this sensitive application and meets all the requirements for precision, efficiency and explosion protection in the smallest installation space.

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Eccentric diaphragm pump SP 550 EC in a highly sensitive gas detector for localizing leaks (Image source: Sewerin, Gütersloh)