In-house injection molding for custom micro pumps

"Customizing" is one of the key assets of Schwarzer Precision. We realize any of your customer requirements on our micro pumps specifically for your needs. To ensure consistent top quality, we now also produce complex micro injection-molded parts at our own facilities. After all, only the sum of exactly matched components guarantees reliable and durable precision pumps.

Manufacturing precision injection-molded parts requires extensive know-how. By deliberately doing without external suppliers, we maintain full control of the entire production process: from proper drying of the base granulate to the exact adjustment of all injection parameters. The result: custom injection-molded parts with consistent top quality.

On our hi-tech injection molding machines we process high-performance polymers such as PPS, PEEK as well as highly reinforced polyamides, filled up to 65% with glass or carbon fibers. The special plastics, processed at a mass temperature from 330 °C to 420 °C, require enormous injection pressures, in part over 2000 bar. This allows us realizing precision parts from a weight of 0.03 grams with cross-sections smaller than 0.05 square mm. Additional tribological optimization reduces friction and wear of our injection-molded parts to an absolute minimum.

As SP customer, you benefit even twice of our in-house injection molding: short communication routes and exact control of the entire production process lets us implement your specific requirements even more specifically and faster – even for small custom series!

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