Liquid pumps for the dispensing of disinfectants

In times of corona, hygiene protection measures are more important than ever. Schwarzer Precision makes an essential contribution to contain the pandemic and supports you in your development in record time.

Liquid pumps from Schwarzer Precision are ideal for disinfection applications due to their reliability and compact size. They deliver the required dose of disinfectant with pinpoint accuracy.

In order to ensure rapid product development, we currently keep our small liquid pumps in stock especially for disinfection applications:

SP 270 EC-LC-L (12 Vdc): max. volume flow 100 ml/min,
SP 570 EC-LC-L (12 Vdc): max. volume flow 300 ml/min.

These pumps are available within 24 hours and can be further customized after short tests. Whether different supply voltage, higher flow rate, higher pressure, other resistant materials or a longer service life – we adapt the pump to your disinfecting device. Thanks to our modular construction system and more than 50 years of experience we can do this in only 5 days!

We support your development with extremely fast adaptations and samples. In series production, we support you with our excellent quality and delivery capability, which we achieve through stable supply chains and our production in Germany.

Trust a strong and reliable partner. Please call us (Tel. +49 (0)201 31697-0) or send us a product inquiry. We are happy to support you. We care.