Precision diaphragm pumps: Lifesavers in medical technology

Capnometry is a medical-technical measuring method for monitoring the breathing activity of patients. Inside the analyzer, a diaphragm pump ensures reliable measurement results.

The introduction of capnometry has led to a significant reduction of complications in ventilated patients. It has therefore become indispensable in anesthesiology, intensive care units and emergency services. Measuring the CO2 content in the exhaled air of the patient ensures that no life-threatening situations arise. 

With the "Side Stream" method, a small diaphragm pump inside the capnometer ensures a precise exhalation air flow. A small amount of air is constantly extracted from the patient's breathing gas. This breath sample is pumped through an infrared sensor that continuously measures the CO2 content.

Our precision pumps of the 100 and 200 EC series are predestined for pumping small sample streams. With their quiet and low-vibration operation, they can be used close to the patient.

In partnership with our customers we develop precise solutions for medical breathing gas analysis. Development at the highest technical level and production in Germany ensure excellent quality. The high reliability of our products has also convinced Corscience, one of the leading companies in medical gas analysis.

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Diaphragm pump medical capnometry

Photo: Corscience GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen, Germany