Fluid handling: No chance for cavitation

Mechanical vibrations cause pulsations (pressure variations). And these in turn are the cause for cavitation. When the static pressure of a pumped fluid drops below its evaporation pressure, microscopic gas bubbles develop on the vibrating valves. These bubbles are entrained with the flowing fluid and collapse when they come into areas of higher pressure. Our new diaphragm-type fluid pumps eliminate this undesired cavitation process almost completely.

A dramatic reduction of pulsation – this was the paramount development objective for our new diaphragm-type fluid pumps of the 500 /570 EC-L series. Thanks to flow-optimized passages, specific suction dampers and preloaded valves, we succeeded in eliminating the air bubble formation. What is more is an increase of the volumetric capacity by ten percent despite of a considerable reduction of power consumption.

These new types also excel by their optimal control characteristics: the flow rate can be controlled by the applied voltage in a very precise and linear manner. Even in case of dry running, these pumps show an outstanding suction behavior. Their optimized valves are also suitable for condensate pumping (gas-water mixtures).

You get all these advantages in a modular system. By a purposeful combination of shapes and materials, we can manufacture a variety of versions optimized for vacuum, flow or pulsation – tailored to your specific application. We do not waste time with compromises – your pump will be adjusted accurately to your actual requirements.

When it comes to elastomers, we provide a wide range of different shapes, Shore hardnesses and materials (also FDA-approved and free of plasticizers). Brushless motors with the longest service life (>10,000 hours) are now available as drives. Thanks to over-sized ball bearings, they manage even high pressures in continuous duty.

Moreover, our product range includes a full assortment of specific metering and rotary pumps. From standard applications to complex special-purpose systems – we develop the ideal solution. Uncompromising and reliable.

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