Quality Lead through Innovative 3D Technology

Whether Rapid Prototyping in the Engineering Lab, Computer-assisted Measuring Processes in the Test Chamber or Non-contacting Quality Inspection at Goods Receipt: Schwarzer Precision is always up to date regarding technical developments when employing 3D systems.

We have been engineering perfect precision pumps for over 40 years, based on bundled know-how, technical enthusiasm and a keen sense for innovation. Our engineers design the virtual ideal of physically feasible solutions in 3D CAD. Each pump leaving our production department must be measured against this predefined ideal. After all, perfection in practical application requires meticulous control of each individual production step.

Our 3D profilometer with its three telecentric lens attachments allows for non-contacting measurement of complex components. Not only the outer dimensions are measured here with microscopic exactness but also the cross-sectional profiles, height differences and roughnesses of the test objects. The results are documented in a detailed test log. This guarantees highly precise comparability of CAD and measuring data.

We employ this optical 3D measuring system also at Goods Receipt. It enables us to detect minute production tolerances that could not be detected with conventional inspection methods. As a result, only components with perfect quality enter our Production.

The SP Prototype Lab is the dream of any developer: our fully equipped CAD/CAM Prototyping now also makes different 3D printing technologies available. Only a few minutes now lie between the virtual idea of the design engineer and the concrete prototype. This lets us realize technical innovations especially quickly testing them thoroughly on sample pumps. Your individual preferences are implemented in next to no time. Only proven and tested solutions enter our Production.

As SP customer you will enjoy a threefold benefit: direct communication channels, rapid prototyping and flexible integration of special requests allow us to supply you with the ideal pump for your application in the shortest possible time.

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