Small, quiet, low pulsation:
our new vane pump SP 125 FZ

Vane pump SP 125 FZ

We have been producing the world's smallest vane pumps for over 26 years. Our miniature vane pumps have proven themselves excellently in analytical and medical equipment, where minimal pulsation and high energy efficiency play a particularly important role. We are now continuing this success story with the new SP 125 FZ.

Our vane pumps are characterised by an almost linear control characteristic and are therefore particularly easy to regulate in their performance. In addition, they operate almost pulsation-free. This is an enormous advantage when used with highly sensitive gas sensors: pulsating gas shocks could cause the sensors to overshoot and thus falsify the accuracy of the measurement results. This effect does not occur with our vane pumps, which work together with sensitive sensors without  problems and prove themselves excellently e.g. in mobile gas analysers as well as in medical respiratory gas monitoring.

Thanks to the smallest dimensions and axially arranged nozzles, the small pumps can be accommodated in compact handheld devices in a particularly space-saving way. At the same time, their low power consumption enables the use of particularly small batteries.

The SP 125 FZ vane pump goes one step further: by optimising the pump head and all mechanically moving parts, we were able to increase the service life by approx. 20 percent. This ensures high operational reliability as well as minimising any maintenance costs.

Our miniature vane pumps operate particularly quietly and with low vibration and can therefore be worn directly on the patient. We will be happy to advise you on the ideal pump for your application - call us or send us an e-mail!

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Vane pump SP 125 FZ