World’s smallest dual-head diaphragm pump: SP 100 EC-DU

The development of increasingly smaller miniature pumps so far ran against physical limits making a further reduction of the dimensions problematic. Even smallest valves, for example, therefore respond increasingly more sluggish since the density of the delivered medium is not likewise reduced proportionally. The consequence: A certain minimum size could not be reduced any further.

The application of the company’s proprietary hrV technology (High Response Valves) facilitated the development of a completely new solution successfully eliminating this problem. In addition to the smallest vane pumps and rotary pumps Schwarzer Precision now also offers the world’s smallest eccentric membrane pumps with the EC Series 100.

The dual-head 100 EC-DU now follows as the latest addition to this series. This pump opens a wide field of new application areas: The delivery of two different media is now possible also in the most compact handheld devices. The dual-head configuration offers clear advantages even if only one medium is to be delivered. On the one hand, two small membrane surfaces, operated with a smaller stroke, produce a markedly reduced pulsation as compared to a single larger diaphragm. Uncontrolled responses of pressure sensors are thereby deliberately prevented. On the other hand, the two pump heads can be operated in parallel (nearly doubled flow rate) or connected in series (markedly higher pressure or vacuum).

The minute dimensions, the low current consumption and a weight of only 17 grams predestine these membrane pumps, e.g. for portable gas analysis devices. A low structural height of only 13 mm and the variable connecting pieces (outlet possible in four different directions) ensure the uncomplicated installation in smallest devices. The completely modular structure of our pumps allows optimal configuration for your specific application. A large selection of different diaphragms and valves as well as a wide variety of motor types are available to this end. In addition to iron core and bell type armature motors brushless motors with integrated drive electronics are now also available.

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