Endotracheal Intubation: Hamilton Medical relies on precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision

Reliable patient ventilation is a vital requirement in intensive care medicine, in anesthesia and when transporting patients. Even in critical situations, our eccentric diaphragm pumps ensure that the endotracheal tube fits perfectly in the trachea by precisely regulating the internal pressure of the cuff.

Endotracheal intubation requires a thin tube to be inserted into the patient's windpipe. To reduce the risk of secretions entering from the mouth, an inflatable silicone cuff at the bottom of the tube ensures that the trachea is completely sealed.

The Swiss company Hamilton Medical has developed the IntelliCuff®, a compact mobile device that can be used immediately without the need for prior calibration. Covering a wide range of cuff pressures for different endotracheal tubes, the IntelliCuff® monitors and maintains cuff pressure continuously to protect patients from ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and tracheal injuries.

To regulate the internal cuff pressure, Hamilton Medical required a compact, precision pump that could be accommodated in the small space available in the hand-held device, while also ensuring low-noise and an energy-efficient operation. Our eccentric diaphragm pump SP 270 EC-LC was chosen. In close cooperation with Hamilton Medical, we developed a special variant with reduced speed and stroke, that was perfectly adapted to all desired customer requirements.

(IntelliCuff® product page: www.hamilton-medical.com)

The IntelliCuff® from Hamilton Medical: inside, our SP 270 EC-LC miniature pump ensures precise cuff pressure. (Image source: Hamilton Medical, Switzerland)