Health Care for our employees

Schwarzer Precision manufactures high-quality micro pumps for the demanding area of medical technology. Employed in respiratory monitors and anesthesia units utmost reliability is an absolute must – because this technology saves lives! We are keenly aware of this responsibility: Our devices are engineered at the highest quality level and pass through stringent checks and stress tests during the entire production.

We exercise this responsibility also with the health care of our employees. We participate, for example, in the initiative "Saving 1000 lives / Ruhr - Staying healthy through colon cancer prevention". Colon cancer belongs to the most frequent types of cancer: 27,000 people die each year of this disease – although it could be prevented through simple preventive medical examinations.

All of our employees are therefore provided with the opportunity of a free immunologic examination, which is not covered by the health insurers. Participation as well as the test results remain anonymous, of course. In case of positive findings, the participating employees are exclusive advised by the commissioned testing institution about further therapeutic measures.

We thereby not only contribute to reliable medical technology provision but already to the prevention of dangerous diseases.

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