Small, strong, mobile: the new SP 110 EC with FCV valve technology

With the SP 100 EC, Schwarzer Precision brought the smallest diaphragm pump of its time onto the market. Today we would like to present the new SP 110 EC: with the same small size, it delivers even higher performance, an extended control range and further minimized power consumption.

The new miniature diaphragm pump SP 110 EC is equipped with the highly efficient FCV valve technology ("fast closing valves"), which has already set new standards for the SP 270 EC pumps. Compared to conventional valves, the FCV valves of the SP 110 EC increase performance by 8% while reducing power consumption 10%. This makes these new miniature pumps ideal for mobile applications and battery operation.

Another advantage of the FCV technology: the tied valves are insensitive to moisture and do not stick when droplets form in the pumped medium. This means that condensates can also be conveyed without any problems.

The fast-responding valves help make the pump extremely well controllable over a large control range. Even in very low speed ranges, the control characteristic remains almost linear and delivers reliably reproducible results.

Depending on the intended use, you can choose between two motor variants:

SP 110 EC-DB (coreless)

  • easy integration (2 wires)
  • available for different operating voltages (3 / 5 / 12 Vdc)
  • large control range through PWM control or voltage control
  • suitable for integration in intrinsically safe devices (potentially explosive areas)
  • quiet and smooth running thanks to double ball bearings
  • very low energy consumption.

SP 110 EC-BL (brushless)

  • easy integration because of brushless motor with integrated electronics (2 wires)
  • optionally available with separate control input and tachometer output (4 wires)
  • available in different voltages (3.3 and 12 Vdc)
  • large control range through PWM control or voltage control
  • quiet and smooth running thanks to double ball bearings.

The pumps can be manufactured either with barbed nozzles for tubing or with manifold connections. We adapt the performance data exactly to your individual requirements.

Miniature diaphragm pumps for mobile devices with battery operation

Miniature diaphragm pump SP 110 EC-BL (brushless) / SP 110 EC-DB (coreless)