Sophisticated pump technology enables dramatic reduction in the size of medical nitric oxide devices

Membranpumpe zur Überwachung der Atemgas-Stickoxyd-Werte in der Medizintechnik

Nitric oxide administration systems have become indispensable in intensive care medicine. Treatment with inhaled nitric oxide helps newborns, for example, with respiratory weakness (hypoxic respiratory insufficiency). Nitric oxide is also used during heart surgery to lower pulmonary arterial blood pressure.

Conventional tank-based administration systems need large and heavy pressurised gas cylinders. This means the costs involved for handling, transport, and proper storage and disposal of the tanks are high. To avoid this expense, an international company has now developed an extremely compact solution for the precise administration of nitric oxide. This eliminates the need for bulky gas cylinders and replaces them with small disposable cartridges.

Inside this handy nitric oxide device, four Schwarzer precision pumps are at work: two particularly small SP 100 EC-DB pumps and two powerful SP 622 EC-BL pumps with brushless drive. In perfect synchronicity, they ensure the consistent and reliable monitoring of NO and O2 values. In intensive cooperation with our customer, the pumps were matched precisely to the narrow tolerance specifications and operating parameters.

With this solution, we were able to dramatically reduce both the dimensions and the total weight of the administration system. As a result, the device can also be used in mobile applications, e.g. to ensure a continuous supply of nitric oxide when transporting patients.

Membranpumpe zur Überwachung der Atemgas-Stickoxyd-Werte in der Medizintechnik