Small pump, complex requirements: the SP 270 EC in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

NPWT / Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is a therapeutic treatment method that uses a vacuum pump to help wounds heal faster and more effectively.

A drainage is applied to the acute or chronically moist wound and sealed airtight with an adhesive film. The connected vacuum pump creates a controlled, localized negative pressure and evacuates wound secretion through the drainage. This cleans the wound, improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.

As the vacuum devices are often battery-operated and worn directly on the patient, the pumps used must meet high requirements. Only small precision pumps that are as light as possible come into consideration. In order to build up an intermittent negative pressure, the pump must be regulated precisely and reliably, and it must also have minimal power consumption. Due to the close-to-the-body operation, a pump that runs with very little noise and vibration is required at the same time.

A leading medical technology company therefore relies on miniature vacuum pumps from Schwarzer Precision. During the three-year development phase of the NPWT device, we continuously accompanied our customers and provided pump prototypes for initial tests within a very short time. For extensive testing of different device variants, we promptly delivered alternative pump types with specific modifications. Our customer went into series production with a specially adapted SP 270 EC eccentric diaphragm pump. This pump meets all final requirements in terms of performance and smoothness.

Schwarzer Precision is your competent partner who accompanies your medical technology projects over the long term - from the initial inquiry to market launch.

Our SP 270 EC miniature diaphragm pump is used successfully in NPWT (Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy)