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Environmental Protection

We care. Protecting our climate and natural environment is a topic dealing with safeguarding the future. This applies especially for a producing industrial company.

Schwarzer Precision lives up to this responsibility already before the first production step: We procure the energy required for manufacturing our products from Greenpeace Energy. Clean electric power, without nuclear energy, without burning fossil fuels. Produced at 100% from renewable energy sources.

We assume responsibility for emission protection not only in our production area but in all business units. For example, we pay voluntary CO2 compensation fees to Atmosfair, to make necessary business travel by plane more climate-friendly. We use a state-of-the-art electrical vehicle for our business travel with passenger car. After all, only the sum of many small steps produces sustained results.

Last but not least, our finished products are also used for active climate protection: from emissions measurement on heating systems, the use of fuel cells and battery chargers on to emissions control of combustion engines. For a clean future. For all of us.

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