SP Precision Pumps for Robotics

"LogiRob" is a complex system of interacting picking & packing robots developed by the "Research Group Service Robotics" at the technical university FH Ulm in Germany. Precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed for the sophisticated control of the robot’s gripper arm.

The two service robots that can carry out intelligent picking & packing processes at a warehouse management system completely autonomously are called "Larry" and "Robotino 3".

The pair of robots splits the complex task of identifying ordered products at the storage location, removing them from different bins and shelf systems and then navigating them on "Small Load Carriers" precisely to their destination between them. The system utilizes several recognition components and knowledge databases to unambiguously recognize the different products in any warehouse infrastructure and to transport them via different routes without collision.

A special challenge consists of the task of always grabbing the different products reliably and without damage, regardless of their shape, weight, size or storage location. "Larry" uses a high-precision pneumatic gripper arm for this operation. The exactly metered vacuum is provided by a dual-head SP precision pump. Providing high vacuum output at low current consumption and compact dimensions, the SP 628 EC-DU-VD (24 VDC) fulfills this special robotics task autonomously and extremely reliably.

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