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Precision diaphragm pumps: Lifesavers in medical technology (13.11.2020)

Capnometry is a medical-technical measuring method for monitoring the breathing activity of patients. Inside the analyzer, a diaphragm pump ensures reliable measurement results.

The introduction of capnometry has led to a significant reduction of complications in ventilated patients. It has therefore become indispensable in anesthesiology, intensive care units and emergency services. Measuring the CO2 content in the exhaled air of the patient ensures that no life-threatening situations arise.

With the "Side Stream" method, a small diaphragm pump inside the capnometer ensures a precise exhalation air flow. A small amount of air is constantly extracted from the patient's breathing gas. This breath sample is pumped through an infrared sensor that continuously measures the CO2 content.

Our precision pumps of the 100 and 200 EC series are predestined for pumping small sample streams. With their quiet and low-vibration operation, they can be used close to the patient.

In partnership with our customers we develop precise solutions for medical breathing gas analysis. Development at the highest technical level and production in Germany ensure excellent quality. The high reliability of our products has also convinced Corscience, one of the leading companies in medical gas analysis.

Bank on a strong and reliable partner. Please call us (Phone +49 (0)201 31697-0) or send us a product inquiry. We are glad to help.

We care.

(Copyright photo: Corscience GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen)


Liquid pumps for the dispensing of disinfectants (28.04.2020)

In times of corona, hygiene protection measures are more important than ever. Schwarzer Precision makes an essential contribution to contain the pandemic and supports you in your development in record time.

Liquid pumps from Schwarzer Precision are ideal for disinfection applications due to their reliability and compact size. They deliver the required dose of disinfectant with pinpoint accuracy.

In order to ensure rapid product development, we currently keep our small liquid pumps in stock especially for disinfection applications:

SP 270 EC-LC-L (12 Vdc): max. volume flow 100 ml/min,
SP 570 EC-LC-L (12 Vdc): max. volume flow 300 ml/min.

These pumps are available within 24 hours and can be further customized after short tests. Whether different supply voltage, higher flow rate, higher pressure, other resistant materials or a longer service life – we adapt the pump to your disinfecting device. Thanks to our modular construction system and more than 50 years of experience we can do this in only 5 days!

We support your development with extremely fast adaptations and samples. In series production, we support you with our excellent quality and delivery capability, which we achieve through stable supply chains and our production in Germany.

Trust a strong and reliable partner. Please call us (Tel. +49 (0)201 31697-0) or send us a product inquiry. We are happy to support you. We care.


Together against Corona – We care. (31.03.2020)

Our world is concerned about the effects of the Corona pandemic. The well-being of our families, colleagues and business partners is particularly important to us.

In addition to all efforts in the health sector, it is also important to maintain supply chains in the industry. We at Schwarzer Precision therefore do everything in our power to ensure the supply of materials to our customers and to be there for you and your projects in these challenging times without any change.

We are in close contact with our suppliers in order to avoid or minimize restrictions in the supply chain. Various measures have already been introduced to maintain our material supply and our ability to act. At present, we have no information that could lead to a significant impairment of our ability to supply. This status can of course change at short notice in the current, very dynamic situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Stay healthy!


Best equipped: new miniature pumps of the EC Series 200 (13.01.2020)

Small, precise, powerful – for many years, the miniature diaphragm pumps of the EC Series 200 have proven themselves as extremely reliable components in the most diverse fields of application. Now the next stage of development follows: with the relaunch of the EC Series 200 we are taking this success story to a new level.

In many areas of medical, laboratory and environmental technology, our eccentric diaphragm pumps of the 200 series have been in service for a number of years. With very compact dimensions and low power consumption they are predestined for mobile applications such as gas detectors, gas analysis, pipetting, fuel cells, etc. In addition to the high construction quality of these pumps, our customers particularly appreciate the large control range and high operational reliability.

But we are not resting on our laurels: with the concentrated know-how of 50 years of design experience, we have developed the EC Series 200 from scratch. The result is impressive: with even more compact dimensions, the performance of the miniature pumps has been raised to a new level.

Our new FCV technology ("fast closing valves") with fixed valves makes this performance increase possible. Valve flutter is also eliminated. Furthermore, our FCV technology reliably prevents the tiny valves from "sticking". This makes the pump insensitive to high humidity and condensate. Furthermore, the FCV technology makes the pump completely independent of specific positions.

For tubeless mounting, we offer a standardized manifold solution as well as a wide range of customizing options. This fast and safe installation method simplifies the integration of the pump into the overall system and prevents leakages.

Thus our EC Series 200 is well prepared for the new decade!

Overview of EC Series 200

Ordered today - shipped tomorrow! (21.08.2019)

Time is money! To shorten your development times effectively, we provide you with precision pumps for initial tests with high priority. Our basic pumps are available from stock within 24 hours. They serve as development basis for further adaptations - exactly according to your specifications!

Every developer knows the situation: a precision pump is needed for a new device, but the exact specifications are still unknown. Initial tests will help you determine which requirements the ideal pump should meet. For exactly this purpose we have introduced our immediate delivery program for basic pumps: ordered today - shipped tomorrow! This allows you to start your test series without time delay.

Once your first results are available, our experts will be happy to receive your feedback and work with you to find the perfect solution. Whether higher flow rate, lower vacuum, higher pressure, reduced power consumption, particularly high leak tightness, longer service life or lower noise level - our pumps can be adapted exactly to any requirement. Thanks to our sophisticated modular system, additional development costs are avoided at the same time.

And if you already know exactly what you need, we will set up your individual precision pump for you within a few days.

Schwarzer Precision is your reliable partner for application-specific optimized miniature pumps. Our basic pumps are marked with the "24h pictogram" on our website and in the data sheets. Convince yourself of our product and service quality! We are looking forward to your new task!

Overview Basic pumps


Video: Schwarzer Precision continues to expand (26.07.2019)

Schwarzer Precision, the technology leader for miniature and precision pumps, expands its Essen location. The five-story new building "SP2" will more than double the operating area.

For 50 years, the name "Schwarzer Precision" has stood for maximum product quality and customer relationships based on partnership. Our new building project "SP 2" creates additional space for highly specialized production techniques in order to meet even the most complex customer requirements uncompromisingly. Our research and development labs will also be significantly expanded. Schwarzer Precision thus continues to secure its position as market leader for high-tech pumps.

The laying of the foundation stone for the new SP2 building took place at the end of January. The shell was erected in a record time of only 6 months. Already in spring 2020 the new laboratories and production rooms will be ready for use - our video shows you the construction progress:

Video: New Building SP 2

Cooperation: Schwarzer Precision + Burkert Fluid Control Systems USA (08.03.2019)

For over 20 years, the products of Schwarzer Precision and Burkert Fluid Control Systems have been firmly established on the US market. Now we combine our distribution and service capacities in a powerful cooperation. From now on, our US customers will profit from particularly fast service and local support.

As a member of the Burkert company group, Schwarzer Precision continuously strives to further develop its excellent service and strongest possible customer focus - always there, able to face any challenge! From spring 2019, the joint direct distribution system of SP and Burkert USA will offer our US customers nationwide local service on the highest level. The specialists of the Burkert network look forward to facing new customer challenges, for which they will develop customer-specific solutions.

Siegmar Schmidt, Sales Manager at Schwarzer Precision / Germany, and Jeff Brule, Team Manager Gas Handling & Micro at Burkert / USA, have prepared this international cooperation thoroughly. Now, we are getting it started together on the US market – with highly individualized system solutions by Schwarzer Precision and Burkert.

Burkert and SP: integrated pump technology


New ‘SP2’ building doubles our operating space (04.02.2019)

Just 6 years ago we dedicated our new corporate headquarter at the Essen M1 industrial park. Our ambitious goals of enhanced consulting and service quality, greater proximity to the customer and more specialized customization were reached in a short amount of time. We are not resting on our laurels, though: another new building will more than double our operating space. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on January 23.

The world's smallest vane and diaphragm pumps are produced in Essen. Schwarzer Precision was founded there in 1970 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of miniature pumps on the market. The pumps are in great demand worldwide, especially in medical technology. But our precision pumps are also used successfully around the globe in laboratory, environmental and analysis technology as well as in a wide variety of industrial applications.

"We care" - on request, our pumps can be adapted to the specifications of our customers with high precision. Thanks to an ingenious modular system, numerous variation options can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. However, our pumps always have one thing in common: extreme durability and maximum safety for customers, users and patients.

In addition, our company philosophy “We care” stands for a high level of commitment to social projects and environmental protection, for flexible working time models and for moderate, healthy company growth. Our new construction project on the adjacent property shall create room in particular for highly specialized production technologies. Our research and development labs will also be significantly expanded once more. Components for medical and laboratory equipment can then be manufactured in a cleanroom climate with absolute purity.

A precision injection molding department will be available for the production of especially sensitive components such as valve seats, valve chambers, diaphragm frames and elastomers. Fitting tolerances and gap dimensions are reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to our own production of these parts. For our international customers, this means that even the most unusual requirements can now be implemented even faster and more precisely.

Our current company building has already been nominated for the BDA Architecture Award for its technical and design qualities. This high standard also distinguishes our new five-story “SP2” building. The dedication is planned for next year.

Rendering: New SP2 building

Manifold Mountings: perfect system integration through tubeless pump installation (16.11.2018)

Schwarzer Precision is the specialist for application-specific optimized miniature pumps. Our new “Manifold-Mountings” are the perfect solution to integrating our pumps without tubes and space-saving into your system. The advantages are obvious.

As small as our precision pumps may be, sometimes there is simply not enough space for conventional tubing. Here “Manifold Mountings” are the ideal solution: the direct, tubeless connection of our gas and liquid pumps to your system block. This enables a highly integrated structure of the entire system, including all control technology, valves, sensors, etc.

This individually configurable mounting system not only saves space, but also offers other significant advantages. By consistently dispensing with tubing and hose olives, the number of necessary seals is reduced. At the same time, the conveying medium has less contact with foreign materials. This increases both the tightness of the overall system and the freedom from falsification of your measurements. Additional bonus: a tidy installation space makes maintenance work on the entire system easier and more cost-effective.

The Manifold Mountings can be adapted exactly to your requirements - just like our miniature pumps. We offer you individual solutions: from nozzle sealing with integrated O-rings to nozzleless connection with flat gaskets and rubber manifolds that can completely dispense with gaskets.

Why compromise then? Just contact us! We develop the perfect solution for you for the highly integrated system incorporation of our pumps. Cost-efficient, quick and reliable. We care.


COMPAMED 2018: customised solutions for manifold installations (11.10.2018)

On November 12, COMPAMED 2018 will open its doors. We would be pleased to invite you getting to know our customer-specific solutions and lead a successful cooperation toward new goals.

The precision pumps by Schwarzer Precision can be adjusted to your specific requirements without compromises. We guarantee that our cooperation will be straightforward and reliable - from the initial discussion to the after-sales service.
We care.

At COMPAMED 2018, we will, among other things, show you customized solutions for an easy installation of pumps in manifold systems. Reliable - quick - uncompromising. Be inspired by our solutions!

We look forward to your visit!

MEDICA COMPAMED · Tradefair Düsseldorf, Germany · November 12 - 15, 2018 · Hall 8A, Booth M 09


600 EC-L: Fluid pumps with new valve and diaphragm technology (06.08.2018)

Our reliable fluid diaphragm pumps of the 600-L series prove themselves every day in demanding applications in medical and analytical technology. No matter how complex your requirements: we build the exactly fitting fluid pump for you! To this end, we have expanded our modular system with new valve and diaphragm technologies.

The reliable delivery of problematic media places high demands on the components of a fluid pump. The diaphragms must seal the pump chamber securely and should not become contaminated. Even when the pump is switched off, the valves must exhibit high non-return leakproofness and must not show any tendency to “stick” even at low volume flow rates.

All these objectives are met by our new valve technology with preloaded and connected valves. The trochoidal suspension causes minimum torsional movement of the valve during the stroke process. This minimizes sticking effects. The fixed connection enables precisely controlled valve movement and reliable closing even at low volume flow rates. Positive accompanying effect: with our new valve technology, even higher suction heights can be achieved.

The diaphragms of the 600 series liquid pumps are now available with a new connecting rod links. The diaphragms are no longer screwed down from above, but attached from below. In this way we achieve a completely closed membrane surface. This reduces both the susceptibility of the diaphragm to contamination and the number of components required. And here, too, the positive accompanying effect of an increase in performance is apparent.

All fluid pumps can be adapted exactly to your specifications and requirements. Our complete modular system allows a large variety of possible combinations. Your advantage: You receive the uncompromisingly suitable pump in the shortest time - without additional development costs!

Eccenter diaphragm pumps of the series 600-L

Schwarzer Precision supports the "lernHÄUSER" Essen (14.06.2018)

Children are our future. For 50 years, the German children charity “Deutsche Kinderschutzbund e.V.” promotes a child-friendly society: equal education and opportunities, social safety, care and non-violence. We gladly support this important commitment!

The "Deutscher Kinderschutzbund" ("German child protection association") is the point of contact for all problems and family crises involving children, adolescents and their parents. Over 500 children take advantage each year of the offering of the Essen Child Protection Centre. The therapeutically trained staff provide counsel and support with child raising issues, separation and domestic violence situations and with various educational projects.

Almost 10% of the young people from the structurally weak north of Essen leave school without diploma. The "lernHÄUSER" ("learning homes") of the friend's association "Förderverein Kinderschutzhaus" (child protection home) offer comprehensive advancement to these students while strengthening the social and subject competency. New opportunities are thus created for the future of children from socially disadvantaged families often without access to proper education.

The high commitment of the child protection organisation is hardly conceivable without financial support. We are therefore glad to contribute: we want to permanently support the important work of the learning homes from Essen with our donations. After all, good education is the basic foundation for the future of our children.

Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Essen

Corporate responsibility (21.05.2018)

Rapid growth, fast pace, global change: the preservation of corporate values is currently being discussed by many. Schwarzer Precision has been adhering to them - for five decades!

Whether compliance with legal standards, social working conditions or preservation of natural resources: the preservation of corporate responsibility is a matter of fact at Schwarzer Precision. It represents the ethical base of our actions and business relationships.

We abide by highest standards, without compromise. Secure employment and fair production conditions are just as important to us as sustained environmental protection and the promotion of social projects. Schwarzer Precision therefore belonged to the first companies certified as "family-friendly business". We use ecologically generated power from "Greenpeace Energy", contribute CO2 compensation fees to "Atmosfair" and support numerous social, medical and cultural projects. Our exemplary corporate management – internally and externally – was already awarded in 2011 with the "Grand Award of SMEs" (Großer Preis des Mittelstands), the most sought after economic award in Germany.

We have taken the occasion of our ISO-9001:2015 recertification to summarize our corporate principles in a document to inform all interested parties in a comprehensive manner:

Corporate responsibility (PDF)

Small, powerful, reliable: new fluid pumps for mobile applications (19.04.2018)

The powerful miniature fluid pumps from Schwarzer Precision are known worldwide for their maximum reliability. They stand the test every day in demanding applications of medical and analytical technology. But we do not rest on these laurels: a complete revision raises our smallest fluid pumps to a new level of performance!

Mobile applications require extremely compact miniature pumps. The housings of the new SP 270 EC-L series have a dimension of only 13 mm width and 26.1 mm height. The overall height was thus reduced by another 4%.

Performance data was increased at the same time: flow-optimized fluid geometries avoid micro-turbulences in dead spaces, permanently connected and preloaded valves facilitate higher pressures at maximum operating reliability. Even chemically aggressive applications do not represent a problem for our miniature pumps.

Our fluid pumps of the 270 EC-L series are maintenance-free, self-priming and safe against running dry. Nominal voltages of 3, 6 or 12 Volt as well as stable performance data in any installation position predestine our miniature pumps for mobile applications with battery or rechargeable batteries, independent of line supply.

In addition, the powerful precision pumps can be adapted exactly to your specifications and requirements. Our complete modular system allows for diverse combination options. Your advantage: You will receive just the right pump, without compromise, and without additional engineering costs!

Fluid pumps of the 270 EC-L series

Absolutely advanced water analysis (14.03.2018)

"C.L.A.M."® breaks records in water analysis: the small sampling device is able to detect the most minute pollutant traces up to one hundred times more accurately than conventional systems. A miniature fluid pump from Schwarzer Precision ensures highly accurate metering of the test medium.

Common water analyses use samples with a volume of one liter. "C.L.A.M." (Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring) works differently: the floating sampling system presses the test medium with low volume flow rate (5 - 60 ml/min) through an extraction filter. The pollutants from a total of 100 liters of water are thereby added up over a period of 48 hours.

Measuring only 12.5 cm in diameter and weighing less than 500 grams "C.L.A.M." is not only used in lakes and rivers but also in urban drinking water systems, wells or rain water reservoirs. The submersible system is able to take samples both at the surface of the water and in depths down to 30 meters.

The high-precision fluid diaphragm SP 270 EC-DB-L operates inside the small polycarbonate sphere. Thanks to its low current consumption, the use of a particularly small Li-Ion battery is possible. With its ball-bearing supported motor drive and exact control features, the pump ensures precise flow control. The impressive result: "C.L.A.M." reduces the pollutant detection limit in the lab by a factor of 100!

"C.L.A.M." sampling device homepage

SP Precision Pumps for Robotics (15.02.2018)

"LogiRob" is a complex system of interacting picking & packing robots developed by the "Research Group Service Robotics" at the technical university FH Ulm in Germany. Precision pumps from Schwarzer Precision are employed for the sophisticated control of the robot’s gripper arm.

The two service robots that can carry out intelligent picking & packing processes at a warehouse management system completely autonomously are called "Larry" and "Robotino 3".

The pair of robots splits the complex task of identifying ordered products at the storage location, removing them from different bins and shelf systems and then navigating them on "Small Load Carriers" precisely to their destination between them. The system utilizes several recognition components and knowledge databases to unambiguously recognize the different products in any warehouse infrastructure and to transport them via different routes without collision.

A special challenge consists of the task of always grabbing the different products reliably and without damage, regardless of their shape, weight, size or storage location. "Larry" uses a high-precision pneumatic gripper arm for this operation. The exactly metered vacuum is provided by a dual-head SP precision pump. Providing high vacuum output at low current consumption and compact dimensions, the SP 628 EC-DU-VD (24 VDC) fulfills this special robotics task autonomously and extremely reliably.

Video: LogiRob System test run

Visit us at Compamed (14.10.2017)

Schwarzer Precision is your competent partner for custom miniature pumps - whether in small or large series. As specialist for customer-specific optimized solutions we supply you with gas and fluid pumps for pressure and vacuum applications.

Whether medical or laboratory technology, environmental or gas analysis: we develop just the right pump for your application, quickly and unsophisticated. With exactly defined volume flows from a few milliliters to 20 liters per minute as well as pressures up to 3100 mbar or vacuum output up to -970 mbar, our pumps are ideal also for very demanding operating conditions.

At the Compamed 2017 we will present a new generation of fluid pumps with perfected engineering design, patented valve technology and optimized flow dynamics. The pumps with modular design allow for the exact adaptation to nearly any delivery medium and application. Even difficult media such as acids and solvent-based inks are delivered with maximum reliability.

Whether custom-manufactured or large consumer series: we provide you with a comprehensive product range of eccenter diaphragm pumps, miniature vane pumps, rotary diaphragm pumps, oscillating armature pumps, linear and pivot pumps.

Visit us at Compamed 2017. Jointly we develop the perfect solution for your specific requirements. We look forward to new technical challenges!

Compamed Website

Quality Lead through Innovative 3D Technology (28.09.2017)

Whether Rapid Prototyping in the Engineering Lab, Computer-assisted Measuring Processes in the Test Chamber or Non-contacting Quality Inspection at Goods Receipt: Schwarzer Precision is always up to date regarding technical developments when employing 3D systems.

We have been engineering perfect precision pumps for over 40 years, based on bundled know-how, technical enthusiasm and a keen sense for innovation. Our engineers design the virtual ideal of physically feasible solutions in 3D CAD. Each pump leaving our production department must be measured against this predefined ideal. After all, perfection in practical application requires meticulous control of each individual production step.

Our 3D profilometer with its three telecentric lens attachments allows for non-contacting measurement of complex components. Not only the outer dimensions are measured here with microscopic exactness but also the cross-sectional profiles, height differences and roughnesses of the test objects. The results are documented in a detailed test log. This guarantees highly precise comparability of CAD and measuring data.

We employ this optical 3D measuring system also at Goods Receipt. It enables us to detect minute production tolerances that could not be detected with conventional inspection methods. As a result, only components with perfect quality enter our Production.

The SP Prototype Lab is the dream of any developer: our fully equipped CAD/CAM Prototyping now also makes different 3D printing technologies available. Only a few minutes now lie between the virtual idea of the design engineer and the concrete prototype. This lets us realize technical innovations especially quickly testing them thoroughly on sample pumps. Your individual preferences are implemented in next to no time. Only proven and tested solutions enter our Production.

As SP customer you will enjoy a threefold benefit: direct communication channels, rapid prototyping and flexible integration of special requests allow us to supply you with the ideal pump for your application in the shortest possible time.


In-house injection molding for custom micro pumps (10.08.2017)

"Customizing" is one of the key assets of Schwarzer Precision. We realize any of your customer requirements on our micro pumps specifically for your needs. To ensure consistent top quality, we now also produce complex micro injection-molded parts at our own facilities. After all, only the sum of exactly matched components guarantees reliable and durable precision pumps.

Manufacturing precision injection-molded parts requires extensive know-how. By deliberately doing without external suppliers, we maintain full control of the entire production process: from proper drying of the base granulate to the exact adjustment of all injection parameters. The result: custom injection-molded parts with consistent top quality.

On our hi-tech injection molding machines we process high-performance polymers such as PPS, PEEK as well as highly reinforced polyamides, filled up to 65% with glass or carbon fibers. The special plastics, processed at a mass temperature from 330 °C to 420 °C, require enormous injection pressures, in part over 2000 bar. This allows us realizing precision parts from a weight of 0.03 grams with cross-sections smaller than 0.05 square mm. Additional tribological optimization reduces friction and wear of our injection-molded parts to an absolute minimum.

As SP customer, you benefit even twice of our in-house injection molding: short communication routes and exact control of the entire production process lets us implement your specific requirements even more specifically and faster – even for small custom series!


Vibration-reducing quick assembly for SP miniature pumps (30.03.2016)

The new assembly rings for our miniature pumps accomplish a twofold objective in one: they reduce the assembly and service times and ensure effective vibration reduction of the pump at the same time.

Device enclosure and chassis often act as resonance body due to the physics involved. Mechanical vibration is reinforced. Our vibration-reducing assembly rings prevent the transfer of vibration and structure-borne sound of the pump to the installation housings thereby ensuring especially quiet devices and measuring instruments.

The circular suspensions are simply pulled over the motor. This facilitates the installation of the pump in your application in a matter of seconds and without tools. For example, the pumps can also be mounted directly on the printed circuit board of your control electronics. The variable installation with any desired output direction of the connecting pieces is thereby fully preserved.

The vibration-reducing assembly rings are immediately available for all diaphragm pumps of the series EC 100 and EC 200 as well as for the vane pumps of the FZ series.


Customizing without compromises: modular fluid pumps (27.10.2015)

Whether in demanding medical technology, sensitive utilization in the lab or in professional printers: Fluid pumps from Schwarzer Precision are the first choice for all areas of application requiring high-precision metering with exact regulating capability. Our self-priming precision pumps convince by a minimum of pulsation and maximum reliability – even with the delivery of complex gas-fluid mixes, aggressive media or solvent-containing inks.

We are introducing the modular eccentric diaphragm pumps of the EC-L 500 series at the Medica Compamed. All parameters of these new models can be customized exactly to your individual requirements. The pump heads are manufactured from highly resistant PPS. A wide variety of materials is available among the elastomers (EPDM, FKM, FFKM, silicon, PTFE, etc.) - depending on the intended purpose. You also have a choice when it comes to the motors: from the economically prized standard drive to extremely long-lasting brushless motors and on to stepping motors with high-precision metering function. In addition, we realize diverse special requests and preferences, for example, alternative manifold solutions, external pulsation dampers for troublefree interaction with highly sensitive pressure sensors, extra large ball bearings for particularly high pressures, etc.

Our modular customizing opens up nearly unlimited options to you. Why then still compromise? Send us your specific requirements, we deliver the exactly matching product! And this at a price that will surprise you just as much as the short sample evaluation period. We look forward to your visit!

MO. 16 NOV – TH. 19 NOV 2015
Hall 8A Booth M 09

Website Compamed Tradefair

Clear layout, precise, mobile: the new SP website (06.09.2015)

New look, more transparent information and even more service offerings: we'd like to make sure that your first visit at Schwarzer Precision already leaves a very positive impression. The many new developments of highly specialized pump types have largely expanded our product range. We have therefore comprehensively revised our website. Structured, transparent, informative - and now also convenient to use on mobile end devices.

Our new product pages will guide you directly to the pump you need for your application. We inform you about the characteristics of the different pump design types, provide an easy comparison of the performance data of individual model types and document each pump type in detail.

In addition to detailed technical data, dimensional drawings and performance diagrams you now also have 3D CAD files in STEP and IGES formats at your disposal. The CAD archive will be successively complemented. Furthermore, the new download area gives you quick access to all data sheets and operating instructions.

The "Applications" section is another new feature. You will find the demonstration of a wide variety of application options of our pumps quite useful. Sometimes we are surprised ourselves about the highly specialized application areas our design engineers discover for our precision pumps. Perfect solutions require perfect customization: All parameters of our precision pumps with modular design can be customized exactly to your predefined requirements. We're ready to meet any challenge - with know-how and always close to the customer. We care.


Schwarzer Precision joins the Bürkert Group (09.07.2015)

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, the worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring and control systems for fluids and gases, and Schwarzer Precision have joined forces since 01 July 2015. The high degree of common ground, such as customer orientation, striving for perfection and a nearly identical value system, led us to the decision to join the Bürkert Group.

Nothing suggests itself more than complementing the valve, sensor and control technology from Bürkert with miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision. Our know-how and experience of many years in pump technology, combined with the business activities from Bürkert, lets the goal of becoming the worldwide leading contact for integrated system solutions in the sector of fluid technology come within closer reach.

The history of the Bürkert enterprise started in the year 1946. The company's founder, Christian Bürkert, wanted to develop and manufacture innovative products for the elementary needs of the period back then. Mr. Bürkert's focus on customer preferences was always assured. Over the years, Bürkert has developed into a high-tech company with 36 own offices worldwide, a workforce of over 2500 – approximately 1400 employees alone in Germany – and consolidates sales of 413 million Euro.

Having been 100% family-owned since its foundation, the successors of Mr. Christian Bürkert are keen to continuing the leadership of the company according to his ideas. The value scale of Bürkert – just as ours – is lead by social and ecological concerns, in addition to innovative products and top quality.

For more information about Bürkert Fluid Control Systems as well as the products and applications, please visit the

Bürkert Group Website

SP Cultural Sponsoring: Enjoying Art Free of Charge (10.06.2015)

Museum Folkwang is one of Germany’s most prestigious art museums and has an outstanding collection of German and French 19th and 20th century paintings. Once a month, the museum invites the public to visit it free of charge. That project is made possible by medium-sized businesses which compensate the lost revenue with their sponsoring.

The purpose of the project "Admission Free on a Saturday" of Museum Folkwang is to give all members of the public, children, young people and families a regular opportunity to enjoy visual arts and their history. What is most important is the experience of discovering new things: photography, video art and contemporary exhibits, but also masterpieces of Cezanne, Gaugin and Monet.

"To us, it is important that Museum Folkwang is open to all classes of society. Therefore, we are very thankful for the great support of all sponsors of the Saturdays with free admission." (Dr. Tobia Bezzola, Director of Museum Folkwang).

On Saturday, 20 June 2015, Museum Folkwang can be visited free of charge again. The costs will be taken over by Schwarzer Precision.

(Photo: Museum Folkwang. Franz Marc, Horse in a Landscape, 1910. © Museum Folkwang, Essen)

Website of Museum Folkwang

Precision pumps for inkjet printing technology (30.03.2015)

Whether large format or label printer: professional inkjet technology requires all technical components to work perfectly in concert to achieve perfect printing results. Miniature pumps take on a variety of tasks to make this possible. Our durable and reliable eccenter diaphragm pumps of the model series 570 EC (-L/-LD) and 620 EC (-L) ensure maintenance-free continuous operation in tough everyday printing tasks.

A wide variety of miniature pumps perform their duty in professional printers: they transport water and solvent-based inks, replenish ink containers, suck off excess ink at the print head and remove ink decomposition substance for the reserve tanks. In addition, they are used to clean the print head and bleed the ink system.

Miniature pumps from Schwarzer Precision are best equipped for professional printing technology. Chemically resistant elastomers and special non-stick properties of the valves guarantee precise and trouble-free delivery of water and solvent-based inks. Our highly efficient sealing technology meets all leaktightness requirements within the printer system. Apart from fluid and vacuum pumps we also supply special dosing pumps to deliver smallest amounts of ink.

All parameters of our pumps can be exactly adapted to customer specifications. We also realize special requests such as alternative manifold solutions or external pulsation dampers to ensure trouble-free operation on sensitive print sensors.

Product pages SP 570 EC, SP 570 EC-L, SP 620 EC, SP 620 EC-L


Fluid handling: No chance for cavitation (18.11.2014)

Mechanical vibrations cause pulsations (pressure variations). And these in turn are the cause for cavitation. When the static pressure of a pumped fluid drops below its evaporation pressure, microscopic gas bubbles develop on the vibrating valves. These bubbles are entrained with the flowing fluid and collapse when they come into areas of higher pressure. Our new diaphragm-type fluid pumps eliminate this undesired cavitation process almost completely.

A dramatic reduction of pulsation – this was the paramount development objective for our new diaphragm-type fluid pumps of the 500 /570 EC-L series. Thanks to flow-optimized passages, specific suction dampers and preloaded valves, we succeeded in eliminating the air bubble formation. What is more is an increase of the volumetric capacity by ten percent despite of a considerable reduction of power consumption.

These new types also excel by their optimal control characteristics: the flow rate can be controlled by the applied voltage in a very precise and linear manner. Even in case of dry running, these pumps show an outstanding suction behavior. Their optimized valves are also suitable for condensate pumping (gas-water mixtures).

You get all these advantages in a modular system. By a purposeful combination of shapes and materials, we can manufacture a variety of versions optimized for vacuum, flow or pulsation – tailored to your specific application. We do not waste time with compromises – your pump will be adjusted accurately to your actual requirements.

When it comes to elastomers, we provide a wide range of different shapes, Shore hardnesses and materials (also FDA-approved and free of plasticizers). Brushless motors with the longest service life (>10,000 hours) are now available as drives. Thanks to over-sized ball bearings, they manage even high pressures in continuous duty.

Moreover, our product range includes a full assortment of specific metering and rotary pumps. From standard applications to complex special-purpose systems – we develop the ideal solution. Uncompromising and reliable.

Product Page SP 550 EC-LP

SP Headquarters Nominated for 2014 Architecture Prize (13.11.2014)

Every 4 years, the Association of German Architects (BDA) awards the architecture prize "Gute Bauten" (Good Buildings) to particularly outstanding buildings. In this year's preselection, 32 buildings have been nominated – one of them being the headquarters of Schwarzer Precision in Esssen.

"To cultivate a feeling for architecture" – that is the purpose and goal of that architecture prize. By awarding it, the BDA intends to draw attention specifically to "high-quality contemporary architecture". At the 2014 competition, the general public that is interested in architecture is first entitled to vote do decide about the award of three additional audience prizes. The intention is to specifically include the public in the discussion process on good building culture.

It is not only residential, office and factory buildings that have been nominated but also bridges, day nurseries, schools, a library, a stadium and a church. What is evaluated is not only the design but also the integration into the surroundings, the construction and the material, the environmental friendliness, the fulfilment of the building’s intended purpose, and distinctive structural features.

The nominated buildings will be presented at the "Forum für Kunst und Architektur" (Forum of Art and Architecture) at Kopstadtplatz square in Essen until 22 November. The prices will be awarded on 25 November at 7 p.m.


No compromises: Customizing by Schwarzer Precision (28.10.2014)

Schwarzer Precision is known for outstanding consulting quality and custom solutions. Customizing is of utmost importance to us: we develop micro pumps were all parameters will be adapted exactly to your application. At the Medica Compamed 2014 we will present this year’s new development in the area of gas and fluid delivery.

Rotary vane pumps were so far accompanied by the drawback, due to its function principle, that abrasions were caused in rotor and stator by the movement of the vane. Thanks to new material pairing and highly efficient production processes we were able to nearly eliminate these abrasions. At the same time, the life of our vane pumps was increased by another 30 %.

Especially in portable gas analyzers, the new vane pumps of the FZ series are clearly superior to diaphragm pumps: Thanks to their pulsation-free gas delivery they work excellently in combination with sensitive measuring sensors. Additional advantages are its quiet and nearly vibration-free running, the very low current consumption, excellent controllability with linear characteristic as well as the extremely compact external dimensions.

Beyond this, we offer you a complete product range of miniaturized eccenter and rotary diaphragm pumps for gases, fluids and condensates. From the standard to the complex special application, from medical technology to environmental monitoring: We develop the ideal pump for you. Manufactured according to your specifications, exactly matched to your application. Uncompromising and reliable.

Visit us from 12 to 14 November at the Medica Compamed in Düsseldorf, Hall 8A, Booth M 09. We look forward to meeting you there.

Website CompaMed Trade Fair 2014

Long-distance runner: new vane pump SP 140 FZ (25.09.2014)

So far, diaphragm pumps have dominated in the sphere of gas analyzers. With the very durable vane pumps of the FZ range, there is now an highly interesting alternative.

Due to their design principle, vane pumps (rotary vane pumps) have yet had a disadvantage: abrasion in the rotor and stator by the friction of the vanes. Wear and increasing leakage in the pump chambers are the consequences. Already with our last year's models, we could completely eliminate this disadvantage by optimized manufacturing processes and the use of new materials. We have now succeeded in improving the service life of our FZ types by another 30%.

Thanks to the use of high-strength vane material and an optimized matching between the friction partners, we managed to further reduce the friction coefficient in the pump head. For an adequate driving of this almost wear-free pump unit, bell-type armature motors with a long service life are now used.

At one go, we added a new vane model to our product range: The SP 140 FZ excels by higher flow rates and is suitable for operating voltages from 4.5 to 12 V. These new FZ models can also be used in extreme environmental conditions – they reliably deliver even at -40°C.

Furthermore, our vane pumps also stand out due to freedom from pulsation, a low-noise and low-vibration operation, a very low power consumption, a linear characteristic with excellent controllability and small outside dimensions.

In particular in portable gas analyzers, our new FZ types are far superior in a direct comparison to diaphragm pumps. Thanks to their pulsation-free gas delivery, they work excellently in combination with sensitive measuring sensors. This eliminates the need for pulsation-reducing measures (upstream nozzles, for example). The result: Power consumption can be kept to a minimum, no costs for additional components and smaller battery packs. Moreover, linear fitting dimensions and the hose connection on the face allow a considerably compacter design of small gas analyzers.

Product page SP 140 FZ

Strong SP team at the Essen company run (23.09.2014)

On September 10, 2014, fifteen SP employees turned their after work hours into a sports event participating in the 4th Essen company run. Although the original start time had to be postponed due to a major storm, around 6,000 runners made a start on the 5.1 km long distance from the Aalto theatre to the Grugapark.

From the apprentice up to the manager – common fun and enjoyment of sport were at the focus as our strong SP team started on the Essen company run. Further SP employees, who lined the length of run to the Grugapark, encouraged the runners.

To make sure the physical well-being was not neglected an after-run party was celebrated at the Grugapark – with live music and many culinary highlights.

Website Essen Company Run

Pivot pumps: SP patents a fully new pump concept (06.05.2014)

Coil-operated linear pumps (LI range) are perfect for applications that require a high volumetric displacement combined with a very long service life. But this type of pump cannot reach the high pressure and vacuum levels and the compact sizes of motor-operated eccentric diaphragm pumps (EC range) due to physical constraints. Schwarzer Precision has recently filed a patent application for a new drive concept developed from the ground up combining the advantages of linear and oscillating armature pumps with that of eccentric diaphragm pumps.

In conventional coil-operated linear and oscillating armature pumps, the kinetic energy of the coil is straight-lined transmitted to a diaphragm. Our new pivot diaphragm pumps (PA range) are also driven by an iron-core coil, but use the amplifying effect of a mechanical leverage to build up a distinctively higher pressure in the pump head. This leverage has two arms driving two oval diaphragms alternatingly. In this way, a high volume flow rate even at high pressure and also a reduced pulsation of the air flow can be achieved. Thanks to the wraparound clamping of the diaphragms, the pump head cannot suck false air, which results in a medium delivery without any corruption. On top of this, the oval diaphragm shape allows an extremely flat design.

Presumably, this new PA range will go into production from the 3rd quarter 2014. These pumps will be available as AC and DC versions. An intelligent control will be available as an option, which corrects the optimal working point of the pump depending on the present environmental parameters.


SP supports the Deutschland-Stipendium (05.04.2014)

Despite of high numbers of students, Germany will be lacking surpassingly qualified young people in the long term. Already now, there is a lack of skilled labour in many industries. That is why Schwarzer Precision contributes to the "Deutschland-Stipendium" (Germany Scholarship), an income-independent funding of talented academics.

More than 14,000 awarded scholarships – the Deutschland-Stipendium of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) introduced 2 years ago has established in the higher education institutions. Scholars get an extra of Euro 300 per month, fifty-fifty funded from the federal state and from private sponsors (companies, foundations, private persons, etc.) The individual scholarships are competently and neutrally awarded from the institutions of higher education.

For us, a proactive investment in university education is an important factor of success. With this, our company makes a contribution to the future of the business location Germany, becomes part of the knowledge transfer in the university network and comes into direct contact with highly talented young people. In this way, we ensure already today that Schwarzer Precision can remain also in future a technological leader in the development of high-tech miniature pumps.

Certificate Deutschland-Stipendium

New diaphragm metering pumps SP 570 EC-LD (15.11.2013)

In sensitive cases conventional liquid diaphragm pumps offer insufficient dosing precision. Until today remedy could only be found by using conventional metering pumps, but unfortunately these pumps are very expensive. Our development engineers have now been able to develop a completely new category of pumps to series-production readiness: the new diaphragm metering pumps SP 570 EC-LD combine high metering precision with low manufacturing costs.

The intelligent design and the flow-optimized valve technology of the new SP 570 EC-LD allows linear control of the delivery volume over a wide control range. High repeatability and self-priming even after running dry are other advantages of this design. Tubing for various connectivity options (push-in fittings, hose barbs, O-rings) are available.

By specific over-sizing of mechanical wear parts a long durability is achieved. Resistant materials are available for aggressive media. The pumps are available with many different motors: from low-cost iron core motors to long-life brushless motors, with analog or PWM control.

All these benefits of our new metering pumps are offered to you at a surprisingly affordable price. We invite you to visit us on November 20-22 at the MEDICA / COMPAMED tradefair in Dusseldorf, Hall 8A, Stand M 09 to introduce you to the pump technology of tomorrow!


Certification as family-friendly company (04.08.2013)

The Essen Audit is a cooperative project for the certification of family-friendliness in companies in the city of Essen. The focus lies here on the family – job balance. Companies from Essen can submit to a voluntary certification procedure with various checks. In the end, their family-friendliness is rated by a signal light system and awarded the family seal. Schwarzer Precision is one of the first companies which got the family-friendly certificate by the Essen Audit.

A single mother has to leave the meeting early because the toddler in kindergarten is running a fever. A dad has a demanding job, at home he needs to support his working wife by taking care of the children. Single parents, family members in need of care, both parents working – the demographic change increasingly challenges companies to a paradigm shift. New offers need to be created to help employees maintain a good family – job balance.

Family-friendly personnel policies create satisfied, qualified and motivated employees – this insight exists not only in theory at Schwarzer Precision but has long been practiced as a matter of course. Flexible working hour arrangements and part-time models are part of our everyday work life just as much as the systematic support when returning to work. To improve even more we have applied for certification as family-friendly company. After several months of subjecting ourselves to the multi-stage checks and consultations of the Essen Audit we got the family-friendly award as one of the first companies.

Website Essener Bündnis für Familie

SP 570 EC-L: The customized problem solution (19.12.2012)

The fluid pumps of the 570 EC-L model series represent a completely new development. With a free flow of 260 to 380 ml/min and a max. pressure of 10 m water column they add even more detail to our product offering seamlessly complementing the performance range between the proven model series 500 EC-L and 600 EC-L.

Thanks to their modular design these fluid pumps can adapt exactly to your specific application. To this end, for example, different motor types, variable Shore hardnesses of the valves, different diaphragm materials, etc. are available. The result is a perfect adaptation with nearly linear control characteristics in the predefined working range.

The self-suctioning eccentric pumps (8.0 m suction head) stand out by small dimensions and low weight at high performance. High-quality components and an extremely rugged design guarantee a very long service life. Optional equipment with chemical-resistant materials make these pumps withstand even extreme requirements.

Last not least, the diverse mounting options allow easy installation in a variety of environments. Thus, the SP 570 EC-L becomes the customized problem solver – for your application as well.

Product page SP 570 EC-L

Vera Schwarzer called to advisory committee Essen.2030 (27.09.2012)

A city faces the future – Lord Mayor Paß initiates the "Essen.2030" strategy process with this motto. The city’s management wants to secure and further expand the economic strength and attraction of the city of Essen for the future. A strong small to medium-sized business sector drives employment, innovation and economic force. Vera Schwarzer, managing director of Schwarzer Precision was therefore invited by the Lord Mayor to join the advisory committee of the city.

The "Essen.2030" strategy’s core task is to provide future concepts for the city. Headed by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, strategic fields constituting the framework of actions for all future measures will be identified. They will represent the guard rails for future political decisions. Very concrete measures will be defined on this basis and exemplary projects initiated.

This overall strategy shall present a frame of reference for actions concerning both municipal planning practice and politics to facilitate the targeted deployment of the available means into the future capabilities of the city.

Website Essen.2030

Health Care for our employees (03.07.2012)

Schwarzer Precision manufactures high-quality micro pumps for the demanding area of medical technology. Employed in respiratory monitors and anesthesia units utmost reliability is an absolute must – because this technology saves lives! We are keenly aware of this responsibility: Our devices are engineered at the highest quality level and pass through stringent checks and stress tests during the entire production.

We exercise this responsibility also with the health care of our employees. We participate, for example, in the initiative "Saving 1000 lives / Ruhr - Staying healthy through colon cancer prevention". Colon cancer belongs to the most frequent types of cancer: 27,000 people die each year of this disease – although it could be prevented through simple preventive medical examinations.

All of our employees are therefore provided with the opportunity of a free immunologic examination, which is not covered by the health insurers. Participation as well as the test results remain anonymous, of course. In case of positive findings, the participating employees are exclusive advised by the commissioned testing institution about further therapeutic measures.

We thereby not only contribute to reliable medical technology provision but already to the prevention of dangerous diseases.


RO Design Type Program significantly expanded (01.06.2012)

To manufacture the worldwide best miniature pumps for medicine, analysis and laboratory technology - this is the quality claim of Schwarzer Precision. Based on this aspect, our rotation diaphragm pumps (RO design type) have been subjected to a stringent revision during the past months. The new RO generation offers a greater type variety than ever before – with their performance improved even more.

Rotation diaphragm pumps (or rolling pumps) are marked by especially low-pulsation delivery. Contrary to eccentric diaphragm pumps rotation pumps are equipped with several small diaphragms actuated sequentially. Thus a very continuous volume flow, nearly linear pressure characteristic curve and running characteristics almost free from pulsation and vibration are achieved.

The SP 30 RO rotation pump is now also available as vacuum pump. The type SP 30 RO-V generates a vacuum of 640 mbar at a free flow of 3.7 l/min. Dimensions and weight are identical with the pressure version SP 30 RO-DV.

The modular types SP 16 RO-DV and SP 18 RO-D are now available in additional motorization versions. Our customers can choose between particularly compact dimensions (short motor) or especially low current consumption (longer motor). The direction of the hose connection necks is also freely configurable.

The SP 27 RO-D rotation pumps have received optimized diaphragms and higher quality bearings. Thus they now reach pressures up to 1000 mbar. The performance of the also available vacuum version SP 27 RO-VD could be increased to -600 mbar.

Schwarzer Precision therefore now offers the worldwide largest product range of maximum quality miniature rotation pumps.

RO Design Types

Clearly superior: Diaphragm pumps outperform piston pumps (23.02.2012)

Piston pumps used to be the preferred technology as soon as rather high pressures and large delivery volumes are needed. Because of warp-resistant plungers and large strokes they achieved performances that did not seem possible with a fixed elastomer diaphragm of the same size. These scenarios are now reversed through the consistent ongoing development of our eccentric diaphragm pumps. The new models of the EC Series 600 are superior to the piston pump in every respect – thus becoming the better alternative!

The principle is already known from the combustion engine: Increasing compression is the most effective measure to enhance performance. After comprehensive test series our development department has realized a clearly optimized roll-off behavior of the diaphragm allowing to further minimize the dead volume in the pump head. The consequence: The diaphragm pumps achieve higher flow rates than the piston pumps at the same pressure and same vacuum!

But that’s not all: The breakthrough of this diaphragm technology for the first time eliminates all drawbacks that were unavoidable with the use of a piston pump. The system-inherent friction losses of a plunger are accompanied by increased wear, causing higher nose levels and more heat development. The oscillating plunger mass produces greater imbalances. At the same time, smallest leaks on the plunger prevent a gas-tight design.

The new diaphragm pumps at the same performance are significantly less noisy, quieter in running and have less wear than the piston pumps. The fixed membrane closes the pump head absolutely tight; indispensible for absolutely true delivery of the medium. A modified elastomer mix maximizes the service life of the membrane, even at highest pressures and vacuum.

Because of these clear advantages of diaphragm pumps the piston pumps (series PI, types 628 PI) are now obsolete: They will be replaced by the superior EC Series 600. Available in a large variety of single and dual-head types (e.g. 620 EC, 620 EC-DU), brush and BL motors (622 EC-BL, 622 EC-BL-DU), pressure and vacuum-optimized heads (types DV and VD) these diaphragm pumps at the same time permit a much more exact adaptation to any specific customer requirement.

product page EC series 600

Easy controllable: new rotary pump 032 RO-D (18.01.2012)

Maximum quietness in running, extremely tight pump heads and very compact assembly dimensions predestine the rotary diaphragm pumps from Schwarzer Precision for use in professional blood pressure measuring units and demanding applications of the consumer goods industry.

Their nearly linear ratio between applied voltage and resulting flow rate makes these miniature pumps particularly exact and easy to control. Our successful rotary diaphragm pump 030 RO-DV is now replaced by the further optimized 032 DO-D. A modified valve and diaphragm technology makes this type even quieter as its already quiet running predecessor. At the same time, the maximum pressure and flow performance could be further increased at nearly identical outside dimensions. An optimal price-performance ratio makes this diaphragm pump the choice number one in large series production.

Product page SP 032 RO-D

World’s smallest dual-head diaphragm pump: SP 100 EC-DU (16.12.2011)

The development of increasingly smaller miniature pumps so far ran against physical limits making a further reduction of the dimensions problematic. Even smallest valves, for example, therefore respond increasingly more sluggish since the density of the delivered medium is not likewise reduced proportionally. The consequence: A certain minimum size could not be reduced any further.

The application of the company’s proprietary hrV technology (High Response Valves) facilitated the development of a completely new solution successfully eliminating this problem. In addition to the smallest vane pumps and rotary pumps Schwarzer Precision now also offers the world’s smallest eccentric membrane pumps with the EC Series 100.

The dual-head 100 EC-DU now follows as the latest addition to this series. This pump opens a wide field of new application areas: The delivery of two different media is now possible also in the most compact handheld devices. The dual-head configuration offers clear advantages even if only one medium is to be delivered. On the one hand, two small membrane surfaces, operated with a smaller stroke, produce a markedly reduced pulsation as compared to a single larger diaphragm. Uncontrolled responses of pressure sensors are thereby deliberately prevented. On the other hand, the two pump heads can be operated in parallel (nearly doubled flow rate) or connected in series (markedly higher pressure or vacuum).

The minute dimensions, the low current consumption and a weight of only 17 grams predestine these membrane pumps, e.g. for portable gas analysis devices. A low structural height of only 13 mm and the variable connecting pieces (outlet possible in four different directions) ensure the uncomplicated installation in smallest devices. The completely modular structure of our pumps allows optimal configuration for your specific application. A large selection of different diaphragms and valves as well as a wide variety of motor types are available to this end. In addition to iron core and bell type armature motors brushless motors with integrated drive electronics are now also available.

Product page SP 100 EC-DU

SP is awarded the „Grand Award of SMEs“ (29.09.2011)

The "Große Preis des Mittelstandes" (Grand Award of SMEs), awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt foundation, is Germany's most coveted economic award. (DIE WELT). Companies excelling in the selection criteria "positive overall development, high innovative power, service, customer orientation, marketing as well as the creation and preservation of employment" are nominated.

Schwarzer Precision belonged to the six distinguished finalists of North-Rhine Westphalia already in the previous year. In this year’s competition the company was able to qualify also in the final round and was distinguished as "Price winner of the Großer Mittelstandspreis". The honorific speech states, among others:

"The company exercises a great degree of responsibility following the motto 'We care'. An impressive increase in turnover and a constantly growing workforce attest to the company’s quest for long-term development."

The minister of economy of the federal state Saarland, Dr. Christoph Hartmann, underlines: "The price winners belong to the elite of Germany’s small and medium-sized businesses; they shape the image of their regions."


SP builds new corporate headquarters at M1 industrial park (05.09.2011)

Larger, more flexible and greater performance – those were the main requirements when planning the new SP corporate offices. The building permit is now on the table and ground breaking will start already in September.

The current company premises in the inner city of Essen simply did not allow for any further expansion. Instead of remodeling once more the decision was made in favor of new corporate offices. Especially our research and development department will benefit from the new four-level building in the modern M1 industrial park. Our engineers will have four times the present space available. Additional analysis and test labs manifest our constantly growing quality demands as technology leader in the market for hi-tech pumps for the sectors of medicine, analysis and environmental technology.

Production and administration will also enjoy the new rooms. An optimized workflow and greater capacities with individual customer support will also contribute to continuously guaranteeing the customary high SP quality level. Bright and well illuminated working facilities and a large roof terrace provide our employees with a pleasant working climate. And last not least, the infrastructure setup makes for more convenient access and optimized logistics.

The new company center thus fully underlines our motto "We care". Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2012.

Videos: Construction of the new SP building

570 EC: new standards through technological innovations (05.02.2011)

Based on the successful model series EC 500 the SP 570 EC became a pump expanded by two innovative technologies. First, the delivery channels in the pump head were revised and their flow properties optimized. This has become possible through Schwarzer Precision’s innovative NT technology (No Turbulence Technology). Secondly, the new IBE active balancing system (Individually Balanced Eccentric) provides the pump with amazingly quiet running characteristics.

Compared with conventional diaphragm pumps, the SP 570 EC optimally utilizes the installation volume. It delivers maximum pump output even in the smallest available space. The economically priced modular system makes individual modifications toward the perfect customized pump possible and desirable without problems.

For example, different valves and diaphragm geometries can be employed to achieve high flow rates, pressures or vacuums. Motors of different manufacturers – from the low-cost to the high-end brushless motor – can be integrated. In addition, components in contact with the flow media can be PTFE-coated (Teflon) at little extra cost to further enhance corrosion resistance.

The life of the new miniature pumps is increased by a two-bearing drive shaft and withstands also high pneumatic pressures. Mounting holes at the three sides of the pump permit installation in any position desired.

product page SP 570 EC

SP honoured at the Grand Award of SMEs (20.09.2010)

The "Grosse Preis des Mittelstandes" (Grand Award of SMEs) awarded from the Oskas-Patzelt-Stiftung is Germany's most coveted economic award. (Quote from the newspaper DIE WELT)

Since 1995, the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung has been awarding the Grand Award of SMEs. 3400 companies throughout Germany excelling in the selection criteria

have been nominated in 2010.

Nominated for the first time, Schwarzer Precision was instantly among the six finalists from North Rhine-Westphalia and was honoured at a great gala on last weekend. The jury's decision states:

"Their focus is to become the most reliable and smart ones - not the biggest. Schwarzer Precision develops miniature pumps for apparatus engineering - not mass-produced goods, but something the customers expect. [...] The company offensively-minded embarked on getting active in the markets for environmental and medical engineering all over the world - without being scared of renowned names and trade barriers. International orders came in, from the NASA and ESA, for example, and the economic crisis was overcome.

The finalist honour at the "Grand Award of SMEs" is an impressive evidence of the fact that SP's slogan "We care" is not only applicable to high-quality products, but stands for the whole SP company policy.

SME award: Finalists 2010

Schwarzer Precision compensates for CO2 emission (09.03.2010)

Schwarzer Precision takes its responsibility as modern high-tech production operation serious. Already years ago the entire plant converted to exclusively using green electricity. The consequence: drastically reduced CO2 emission.

Through voluntary contributions to ATMOSFAIR we now also support the climate friendly compensation of our business trips and flights. ATMOSFAIR invests our compensation payments into solar and hydro-power or energy savings projects. This saves the same amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by the CO2 emissions of our necessary business trips.

Another small step to production with climate awareness: Because only the sum of many single measures leads to forward-thinking results.


SP on German TV: The innovators - World's best mini pumps (28.08.2009)

Why is Schwarzer Precision, a modern high-tech company, not affected by the global economic crisis? The German Westdeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting company sent a camera team to find out as part of its series "Die Macher" ("The innovators").

A few days later the RTL broadcasters announced their visit as well. The coverage of the two broadcasting companies provides insights into the corporate philosophy of the "World's best manufacturer of miniature pumps" (original quote by RTL).

Videos RTL and WDR

"Experience Mechanical Engineering" (07.06.2009)

For the second time Schwarzer Precision hosted a corporate open house event from 04. – 06/06/2009. 9th grade students visited us under the motto "Experience mechanical engineering - Technology with fascination".

Active promotion of young talent begins by providing transparent information all about the work environment in a modern high-tech company: after visiting the development department and prototype manufacturing the students were given the opportunity to put together small assemblies on their own in the sample production shop. The final feedback meeting with corporate management revealed: Schwarzer Precision is a very attractive employer – the development of high-tech pumps is fascinating!


SP Action Days: Committed to promoting young talent (26.03.2009)

Presenting machine construction as an attractive industry of the future, getting more students excited about studies in engineering or an industrial apprenticeship – that is the goal of the information campaign "Experiencing machine construction – Technology that fascinates". Schwarzer Precision presents a comprehensive program under this slogan from June 4 to 6, appearing as a committed open house of action.

Accompanied by skilled workers and instructors young people experience in production shops, apprentice training facilities and offices how interesting and exciting technical professions are. Practical examples will allow them to explore the diverse tasks of skilled workers and engineers or help them expand their horizon of understanding through meetings and discussions with employees. A technical profession can also be very interesting for women: We demonstrate this to interested female students on "Girl’s Day / Future 2009" (23 April 2009).

Website - Experiencing machine construction

EC series 100: World's smallest eccenter diaphragm pump (26.02.2009)

With the development of the world's smallest eccenter pump Schwarzer Precision opens up new performance dimensions. With outside dimensions of 13 x 22 x 32 mm these pumps permit, for example, the construction of gas analysis devices with the size of a smart phone.

Further applications can be found in breath analysis, spirometry or with portable respirators. In spite of their size these 15.5 gram precision pumps are quite powerful: 900 ml/min free flow, 560 mbar pressure or 600 mbar vacuum are results that can be proudly presented. Another key aspect is their minute current consumption; even the size of the battery packs of portable devices can now be significantly reduced.

Product page EC series 100

Dual head - double flow: new boxer pumps (24.04.2008)

A new dimension of efficiency (size to flow) is achieved with Schwarzer's new dual head boxer SP 620 EC-DU pump.

The two heads are driven simultaneously with one motor. This boxer design has the additional benefit of very low vibration.

The pumps 620 EC-DU are available with different motor types, ranging from low-cost brushed motors to high grade skew-wound and brushless motors.

Product page 620 EC-DU

The new heart of our miniature diaphragm pumps (04.02.2008)

With the advent of Schwarzer Precision's revolutionary HrV Technology ("High Response Valves"), the inertia of the valves is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Our miniature pumps now react extremely fast. Therefore they can be controlled very directly in a linear way over a wide voltage range.

This next valve technology will soon be introduced in any type of our miniature eccentric diaphragm pumps.


SP receives award from Federal President Köhler (28.10.2007)

Precision in mechanical engineering is a fascinating field of activity. By participating in the competition "The Mechanical Engineering Experience – Technology that Fascinates", we present interested young people the various tasks of the engineers and designers of fine mechanical components.

For this commitment, Schwarzer Precision received the innovation award "Selected Place 2007" from Federal President Horst Köhler.


Welcome to a new dimension in liquid pump technology (05.06.2007)

Due to a revolutionary advance in the design of the pump head and valve module, Schwarzer Precision has reached a new dimension in liquid flow performance.

The result is an incredible flow-to-dimensional size ratio and a dramatically increased self-priming performance. In order to maximize the operating life, the standard Schwarzer liquid pumps will now be provided with long lasting, double ball bearing motors. For special lower cost and shorter life-time applications, sinter bearing motors will also be available.

Eccentric Diaphragm Liquid Pumps EC-L

The new high performance class: 680 / 685 / 720 / 725 EC (18.12.2006)

For MEDICA 2006 we present the pump types stated above with a completely new diaphragm and rod design in order to reach a high pressure of 3.0 bar and a vacuum of -800 mbar (rel).

Thanks to our modular design system all pumps can be easily modified to match the customers requirements. In early 2007 these pumps will also be available with AC motors!

Product page 725 EC

New 620 EC / 625 EC: doubled free flow! (27.11.2006)

These pumps are a modification of our well-proven SP 600 EC. Thanks to a revolutionary diaphragm / valve design we were able to double the free flow performance without increasing the rpm of the motor! The high flow in combination with the small dimensions predestines these pumps for gas analysis devices. The pumps are equipped with long life motors and double ball bearings. They are also available with brushless motors.

Eccentric Diaphragm Pumps of the 600 Series

Two in One: new unique gas-/liquid pumps (20.09.2006)

With the new unique diaphragm pumps for gases and liquids, Schwarzer Precision offers a particularly innovative solution.

Especially for applications in analysis and medical technology, this solution requires alternating the promotion of gases and liquids. New diaphragm geometries and improved drive characteristics enable a dry approach with large suction heights and a smooth restart after long drying phases.

Program Survey EC-Series

Powerful pumps for continuous operation (10.09.2006)

The product group EC Series 700 has now been extended by a new type especially for applications requiring continuous operation.

The SP 700 EC-BL is driven by a brushless motor with an integrated electronic commutation system. Due to the compact design of the motor this pump requires less space for installation than other pumps. The SP 700 EC-BL is availabe as gas or liquid pump.

Product page EC Series 700

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