Clearly superior: Diaphragm pumps outperform piston pumps

Piston pumps used to be the preferred technology as soon as rather high pressures and large delivery volumes are needed. Because of warp-resistant plungers and large strokes they achieved performances that did not seem possible with a fixed elastomer diaphragm of the same size. These scenarios are now reversed through the consistent ongoing development of our eccentric diaphragm pumps. The new models of the EC Series 600 are superior to the piston pump in every respect – thus becoming the better alternative!

The principle is already known from the combustion engine: Increasing compression is the most effective measure to enhance performance. After comprehensive test series our development department has realized a clearly optimized roll-off behavior of the diaphragm allowing to further minimize the dead volume in the pump head. The consequence: The diaphragm pumps achieve higher flow rates than the piston pumps at the same pressure and same vacuum!

But that’s not all: The breakthrough of this diaphragm technology for the first time eliminates all drawbacks that were unavoidable with the use of a piston pump. The system-inherent friction losses of a plunger are accompanied by increased wear, causing higher nose levels and more heat development. The oscillating plunger mass produces greater imbalances. At the same time, smallest leaks on the plunger prevent a gas-tight design.

The new diaphragm pumps at the same performance are significantly less noisy, quieter in running and have less wear than the piston pumps. The fixed membrane closes the pump head absolutely tight; indispensible for absolutely true delivery of the medium. A modified elastomer mix maximizes the service life of the membrane, even at highest pressures and vacuum.

Because of these clear advantages of diaphragm pumps the piston pumps (series PI, types 628 PI) are now obsolete: They will be replaced by the superior EC Series 600. Available in a large variety of single and dual-head types (e.g. 620 EC, 620 EC-DU), brush and BL motors (622 EC-BL, 622 EC-BL-DU), pressure and vacuum-optimized heads (types DV and VD) these diaphragm pumps at the same time permit a much more exact adaptation to any specific customer requirement.

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