Expanded Laboratory Capacity for Life Cycle Testing of our Pumps

Life Cycle Testing of our Pumps

Schwarzer Precision stands for reliable precision products with a long service life. We test our pumps under extreme conditions - both in the development phase and during production. To this end, we have significantly expanded our test capacities.

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Due to a revolutionary advance in the design of the pump head and valve module, Schwarzer Precision has reached a new dimension in liquid flow…

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These pumps are a modification of our well-proven SP 600 EC. Thanks to a revolutionary diaphragm / valve design we were able to double the free flow…

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With the new unique diaphragm pumps for gases and liquids, Schwarzer Precision offers a particularly innovative solution.

Especially for applications…

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The product group EC Series 700 has now been extended by a new type especially for applications requiring continuous operation.

The SP 700 EC-BL is…

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